Thursday, 22 May 2014

Espana Por Favor

Yes, I've been to Spain .  I was invited to stay with one of my hostie friends, Jill, who has an apartment on the Costa del Sol and I had a rather nice time.  Jill ferried me all over the place and our first outing was to the large local weekly market where you could purchase all manner of things.

fruit and veg



plants and flowers...

plus the usual tat.  

I managed to restrain myself and came away with only a half a kilo of cherries and a bastard massive necklace.

We were out and about the next day, even after all the wine consumed the previous evening.  En route to our destination we stopped at this rather incongruous Stupa, the biggest in Europe.  Quite why it was built here remains a mystery, we did ask the guide but unfortunately failed to understand his response.

Next stop was Mijas, a quaint if touristy village up in the hills, the weather was looking very ominous at this point but didn't stop us enjoying the church and many leather, (mucho pricy!)and souvenir shops.

There is also a bullring at Mijas although no fight was scheduled for that day.  I was amazed to see the entrance prices - 150 euro for the best seats in the shade. I hadn't given the danger aspect of this quintessential Spanish tradition a thought until I noticed a parking space right outside the entrance, reserved for an ambulance!  However, this article claims that bullfighting is much safer now (not for the bull) and the last matador to die from injuries sustained in the bullring was in the 1980's.

Before we left, I was even persuaded to sit on el burro for the requisite photo.

The weather improved so the next day we made off to the beach..

..where we drank coffee and read trashy chic-lit. It's so difficult to concentrate on anything serious when there are rotund, half-naked  German ladies with pendulous tits strolling past the end of your sun lounger.

The good weather continued and on our final day we went out to spot the beautiful people at nearby Puerto Banus.  Unfortunately the minute we arrived a bird, quite possibly an Albatross, deposited a large amount of guano in Jill's hair and all down my white cardi. Not really the look we were going for to mingle with the world's well-heeled.


I wouldn't have dared to enter one of these establishments, the shop assistants viewed us very disdainfully from the doorways.  No doubt the bird shit said it all.

Don Juan de Borbon  Count of Barcelona

The wealth floating in this marina,(the Saudi king has a yacht here) is staggering and we enjoyed watching the world go by from a waterside cafe and partook of a sangria or two.  

Back near the apartment I noticed this graphic sign gracing a pretty square which made me laugh, although judging by the amount on the streets, Spaniards take scant regard of these warnings.

But enough of the poo talk, I'm now home and back to work tomorrow, deep joy.  I'm off now to catch up with some blog reading.  Enjoy your weekends.


  1. Isn't it lucky to be crapped on by a bird? Not for you, obviously! I'd loved to have seen the snooty shop assistants faces!
    Spain looks wonderful and so do you. Those earrings are fab, show us your bastard massive necklace sometime. xxxxx

  2. I love your photos , which part of Spain? Xx

  3. Popped over to see the photo of you without make up...can't see it !!
    All i see is a v pretty lady having a great time!
    welcome back!
    d xx

  4. Ps I see many references to "hostie's" here, I used to be one many years ago...british airways Long haul....!!! xx

  5. Wow ... looks life a great trip ... minus the bird crap of course.
    Those baskets look pretty fabulous ... I'd have gone a little crazy ... your restraint is impressive :0)

  6. Nice spot for a holiday. Love your photos, such great colours everywhere. Especially your outfit or greens and oranges, very nice. Bird poo and being pooed on, dog poo sign, so classic.

  7. Ooh I love foreign markets. What lovely pictures.
    I've never ever had a sangria but it does look delicious! Glad you had a successful trip. x

  8. Welcome back from your travels! Sounds like you had a marvellous time, and fab pics - lovely one of you perched elegantly on the donkey - beyond me how you manage to look so good doing something like that!
    Think I'd have come home with a load of baskets and probably one of those pink puppies for my tat-loving daughter :)

  9. Sounds like a very enjoyable holiday - apart from the unfortunate incident with the bird! Looks like you visited lots of pretty places and I'm so jealous of all that sunshine.

  10. What a coincidence I was in the very same places at the very same time visiting blogging friends and I have photographs of the exact same venue !! What a small world. fantastic photos Ive even got a photo of Ky;lie from ATCAS sitting on the exact same donkey. Haven't posted mine yet


  11. Spain looks lovely - they have such great markets, and time exploring and chilling on the beach (pendulous tits and all) sounds heavenly. Don't you look fab, Fiona? Just gorgeous. Pah, who need a yacht and Gucci?! xxx

  12. Sounds lovely, Fiona - great photos, too. I'm off to Spain (further north) to stay with my parents for a few days next month, can't wait for some sunshine. x

  13. Isn't Spain wonderful? You look like you had a great time with your hostie friend. I've heard a lot about Mijas, everyone says it's lovely. That's so funny about you and the bird poo in posh old Puerto Banus! I still think you look lovely. Xxxx


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