Monday, 23 June 2014

Bargains and St. Botolph's

The last seven days have been busy ones.  There's been successful chazzing,  a few purchases made at the Ardingly Antiques Fair and a lovely day out on the other side of West Sussex with a friend.  I know you want to see my charity shop buys.... so wait no longer.

 I scored this gorgeous PVC jacket, Boden no less, although I didn't buy it for the label.  The colour is sensational and an instant spirit lifter.... if spirits happened to be low that is.  It has a bit of 60's vibe going on.  Instead of posing by the shabby shed, shouldn't I be in Carnaby St ?

I wore it to the antiques fair at Ardingly last week as the sky looked decidedly black when we left and no sooner had we arrived when a male stall holder complimented me on it.  No doubt he was buttering me up so I'd buy his £65 vase, but even so I felt chuffed.... this is how Vix must feel every day!

   Another stall holder spied me eyeing this basket with interest and offered it to me for a fiver.  I've no idea what I'll do with it yet but I couldn't leave it behind at that price.  There was all manner of vintage gorgeousness at Ardingly but although I took my camera I was so engrossed in the stalls I completely forgot to take any snaps.

And how about these shoes I scored at the Cats Protection chazza?

Oh yes I'm very pleased with these.  Not only do they accommodate my bunions but they are Kennel Und Schmenger...no, I was none the wiser either.   They looked expensive to me so I googled their website and discovered that even their sale items were retailing at £130...I paid £2.49.  

The weather has been glorious lately, us Brits are always surprised by this so take full advantage of sunny skies to spend time outdoors.   I've been planting annuals and generally titivating the garden in hope of an impromptu al fresco soiree this summer.   Poor old Prue doesn't know what to do with herself except find a nice shady spot amongst my gladi's, which have now been flattened.  

Today was another sunshiney day, perfect for a day out with a friend and a pub lunch.

Afterward we visited a couple of junk shops but delights eluded us, so we returned to R's house and walked down his lane to the local church, St Botolph's.

   It's thought that this ancient church was built around 1050.  There are several Roman sites nearby and Roman tiles and bricks were re-used in the walls.  Inside the church is one of the finest series of wall paintings in the county which were painted in the 1100's.

I was amazed to find the church door open and viewed this with ambivalence.  I felt privileged to be able to experience these ancient works but also felt anxious that unprotected, they could be desecrated.  God forbid though that they should become some dreadful commercialised tourist attraction which Stone Henge, seen on TV this week, now is.

So that was my week, how was yours?
Anyone else having trouble with Blogger?

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  1. Snazzy finds! You look great in that Boden jacket and the shoes were a steal. Love the basket - good place for a wool stash? Talking of wool, you won a crocheted frog! My email is on the giveaway post, just need your details. And yes, having problems with Blogger too. Reading list seems to have disappeared.

  2. Nice jacket!!! As for the basket, put what ever you want in it. I have a basket problem, you could say I am a basket case! I keep buying them, another of my addictions. Like blankets, vintage sheets, Russian dolls.........!! I love your photos of the old church, so gorgeous. I adore the history you Brits are surrounded in, so I am always up for a blog on your old building. Enjoy your sunshine!!

  3. Love the jacket ... totally compliment worthy.
    That church is amazing ... mind boggingly old ... when you come from a baby of a country like ours.
    Yes to problems with Blogger ... I even wrote a post on it today.

  4. You look like you're off for a picnic in your shed! And why not?! The jacket is fab. I'm not a labelly kind of girl but my heart does go pitter patter when I find me some cheap Boden!
    They look just like the heels I was wearing when I got hurt, so be careful! No showjumping in them ok? xx

  5. Great newsy post Fiona and loving the jacket! The shoes were a bargain especially as wedges are so on trend;) Strange name though and not easy to say! Love all your photos.
    Val x

  6. Ooh, you're a fab 1960s chick in red PVC, Fiona! What a cool jacket, nice score - likewise the sandals, though I haven't heard of that brand either... But you obviously know quality when you see it!
    That's a wonderful basket too (and a great price)
    St Botolph's looks beautiful (there's a little village near my mum's in Bucks called Botolph Claydon). For me, I am glad to see churches open and accessible to the public. I know it's a risk, but the history and art inside should be available for us to see, I think. Those wall paintings are fabulous. Thinking about Sue and Jo's comments above, we Brits probably take our history for granted a bit, don't we?
    Apart from Blogger swallowing the occasional comment (which always seems to happen) I haven't had any trouble. What's up? xxxx

  7. ARGH! I LOVE your jacket! I recently searched for pvc raincoat on e bay, well that was a bit of an eye opener haha! I would love a see through one remember those? also want your red pups! I cannot find any anywhere, Peacocks have them but for some reason they don't do them in a sz 5...!!

  8. Love that jacket, and great shoes, too - even I, with my shoe obsession, have not heard of that make ever before, but I reckon your scored an amazing bargain there!

  9. I reckon you might feel the Vix effect every time you wear that red pvc jacket. You look fab in it. St Botolph's is beautiful. We are lucky to have such a rich heritage so accessible to us. I used to love that churches were always open, but I too worry about mindless vandalism. Blogger is ok to me, it's bloglovin whose taken offence at me. It's a hard life! Xxx

  10. Blimey - who knew Boden did such sexy stuff? I thought it was all sensible blazers and tea dresses! I'd have that 1960s inspired mac off your back in a heartbeat, you gorgeous creature.
    Love those sandals, too. Never heard of the make but you can tell by the shape of the wedge that they're something special!!
    St Botolph's looks lovely and so does Prue basking in the sun. Not sure about the Vix effect this weekend, I probably knocked 'em dead with the whiff of unwashed hair! xxxxx


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