Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Scavenger Hunt

I've been incredibly remiss this month as nearly all of these snaps have come from my archives and I know that isn't really the name of the game.  I'm hoping you'll forgive me just this once and will return at the end of April when I promise I will do better.

March's List


Porthole design feature seen in a seafront wall on my recent trip to West Wittering


 A handbag shaped birthday card I made for my niece a few years ago


So glad I had my camera at the ready when I spotted this darling puss... halfway out of an upstairs window!


Inexplicable beach art in Wittering


Another Wittering pic

a favourite word 

'Sunshine'  -  taken recently at Hastings


 Outdoor dance session at La Tranche-sur-Mer - Summer 2014


Thought this was marginally more interesting than a shot of the bog !


1924 Buick belonging to and restored by my cousin Ian.


Never mind the plate, look at that tarte.

something you made

 My first ever Pavlova...not a brilliant success, but nevertheless tasty.

Whatever you want

 Memories of last summer.

 I've just booked the ferry for this year's holiday, again in Vendée
 ....it can't come soon enough.

Thanks to you lot for looking and to Greenthumb for hosting.  Pop over to her blog to see some great entries and next month's categories.  


  1. Fiona just loving that cat pic! and the french pics of food yummy!
    bestest daisy j x

  2. Super photos! Love the circle in the wall and the cat sitting in the window. The tarte citron looks tasty as does your pavlova:)

  3. Glad you still joined in - I like seeing your photos new or old. My tummy is now rumbling after those lovely desserts! Love the cat in the window too. x

  4. They are a beautiful set of photos, so glad you joined in.
    Amanda xx

  5. Everyone seems to have had great car pictures - and yours is just as good as all of the others!! xx

  6. Hello, I loved seeing your beautiful photos. But, my favorite one is the window scene with the adorable little kitty.

  7. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, art, skyline, and I really love window. Greenthumb.

  8. MMmm une tarte au citron ... my favourite !!!!! Have you seen mine here ? http://woolandcats.blogspot.fr/2014/06/jaune.html

    Ton choix de photos est interessant ...
    Bonne journée, bises

  9. Ian's Buick!! Wow! I need to see more of that beautiful car.
    I hope that cat went back inside, naughty thing.
    Great photos. xxx

  10. Can tell from the photos that France is on your mind :) Great you've booked to go back - something lovely to look forward to.
    Super collection of pics, love minions on the wall and fearless cat watching the world go by xx

  11. Yes look at that tart!! I bet it tasted divine. Well done on the pav too!! I love your scavenger hunt photos.

  12. The Pavlova looks delicious and I love the cat in the window, caught right in the act!

  13. ooo that Pavlova looks yum! I've never made one but I love meringue!

  14. Your Pavlova looks just fine to me! How wonderful to be booking hols. It's nice to have something to look forward to. And sunshine! xx

  15. Tarte au citron and a pavlova - I'm coming round to yours for pudding!
    Lovely photos, Fi - that kitty at the window is adorable, and your seaside shots are superb. xxx

  16. I always love your photos! Rather fancy yuour Pavlova too. It looks perfect to me. The beach art is fab and the shot of the cat is great.

  17. Very nice pictures.
    Trick, your latest follower.

  18. Great group of photos for March's hunt! I love that window shot, and that cat looks quite guilty at leaving through the window ... I wonder if he lives there? I see you in the fender of the car ;) I only joined up with the hunt this month, but am on the prowl for April's pics!

  19. Archives or not, Fiona, these photos are awesome! We all have those months when things get away from us. I can't pick a favorite, because I think every photo is really good! Your card was beautifully, lovingly crafted ~ what a delight it must have been for your niece! Happy Easter!

  20. I want to sit on the beach and eat the tart and berry dish. Enjoyed your choices for the month. So fun to see everyone else's hunt results.

  21. Oi Fiona eu realmente amei sua caça de Março. As fotos favoritas são círculo, linha do horizonte, uma palavra favorita e algo que você fez.
    Achei uma ótima ideia fazer um cartão em forma de bolsa :)
    Feliz Páscoa.

  22. My niece would love the handbag card, and for me - some Pavlova please.

  23. Great photos, I love them all. Love that car...so shiny and red. The pavlova looks so good as does that tart which was the first thing I looked at not the plate! :)
    Anne xx

  24. Hi! How are you? Well, I hope! So glad to see this selection- they are truly. The movement picture is great, I love the way they are all leaning to one side. Puss out the window was a remarkably lucky shot!!!x


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