Monday, 4 May 2015

April Scavenger Hunt

After promises last month of a better performance in April, I fear the following snaps are somewhat ordinary but as usual, I left my photo taking until the eleventh hour.  I am also up to my eyes in emulsion and wallpaper, redecorating the hall, stairwell and landing (a mammoth and laborious task) so photography has taken a back seat.

April's List

Upside down

 This garden spider appears to be upside down in his web



Prudy snoozing in a sunny conservatory.... on a junk shop chair

Something sweet

A sweetie stall, I'm not keen on those blue bobbly Allsorts, are you ?


 new growth in the garden on Akebia Quintata


A recycled glass hanging bird thingy


 My bedroom is far too untidy to feature here at the moment, but lucky for me there was a staged bedroom at a craft fair I visited recently, showcasing local artisans work.


 Recent raindrops at the station




 My friend Deb gave me these beautiful flowers when she came for lunch.


 mine will look a treat in these new sandals

Whatever you want

Why should Dad get all the glory? ....he's not the only one to do a Bungee jump! 
That's me dangling from elastic, in Surfers Paradise circa 1991. 

As ever, thanks to Greenthumb for hosting, pop on over to her blog for May's list of subjects
and of course, to see April's entries.

  My blasted internet connection is playing up, it is currently slower than an arthritic slug. Please bear with me if I'm absent for a while.


  1. They are great pics. I love the raindrops on the chair and the spider. Though I don't like spiders in real life. Ha ha. :)

  2. Look at you! Respect Fiona. I'm far too much of a chicken to try something like that. Great web pic, beautiful flowers and super new shoes! Not keen on the blue bobbly Allsorts either, but do like the look of those red spiral things. Feel for you, decorating the hall, hope you're getting there - just about to start doing the very same thing and dreading it! x

  3. Woohoo, look at you bungee-ing! I'd be terrified.
    Great pics, Fiona. Look at that fab spider's web, gorgeous napping Prudy, blue skies and matching sandals (very nice!) and the beautiful bunch of flowers. I'm relieved to know that isn't your bedroom - I was going to ask where you'd put all your clutter!
    Hope the decorating is done soon, and the sluggish internet connection improves! xxx

  4. Never took you for a bungee jumper :-D, you're very brave! Love your photo's as always and hope you're getting there with the decorating!

  5. The blue bobbly allsorts are my favourites!

    I like all your photos - I don't think they're ordinary at all.

    Eileen @ In My Playroom (also joining in with the Scavenger Hunt)

  6. I fully understand how decorating puts other things ... like photography ... on the back burner. But you've still come up with some great shots. As for the bungee jump ... WOW ... you're braver than me ... that's for sure :0)

  7. Gulp! You are a brave one, bungee jumping ~ not for me, though :) I like how comfy and contented your cat looks. I lOve your egg picture ~ that was an inspired idea. Your sandals look ready for summer, and the raindrops very refreshing. What a beautiful and fragrant looking bouquet of flowers :)

  8. Hi, Fiona! Sorry I'm a little late getting around to all the scavenger hunt posts. It has been a busy weekend! I found the bungee jump photo of you terrifying! I love allsorts, but the blue beaded ones are probably my least favorite among them. I really liked how Prudy's soft fur contrasted with the texture of the woven chair seat. good luck with your huge renovation project!

  9. Fab pictures, Fiona! Prudy looks very comfy on her chair and I love your new sandals. xxx

  10. Wow! Look at you bungeeing! You'd NEVER catch me at that!
    Blue bobbly allsorts are the best of all.
    I love your photography. Puts my wonky offerings to shame! xxx

  11. Superbes photos !!! défi réussi ! bises

  12. Super collection of photos!

  13. Fiona, these are exquisite!!!! I love your takes on these- the boiled egg as part of the LOVE was so clever, as was the spider. YOU are SO brave doing that Bungeee jump- I feel sick thinking about it! Clever rain shot and I agree, the blue bobblies are horrid!x

  14. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. What a great group of photos. I really like rain, egg, growth and something sweet. Greenthumb

  15. Lovely photos - love the glass bird in the window, the beautiful flowers and the raindrops at the station also your chair and what is in it, as well. I don't like the blue bobbly allsorts either:)

  16. Fabulous photos. I so couldn't bungee jump, not even when I was much younger. I am a Taurean, an earth sign, my feet need to be on the ground!!

  17. Uma caçada incrível, crescimento é minha foto favorita.
    Acho você muito corajosa para saltar no bungee jump, eu tenho verdadeiro pavor de altura.
    Um lindo fim de semana!

  18. A great selection. Happy May!

  19. hmmmm yes to the sandals and yuk to the blue bobbly sweety ones too!
    D x

  20. Very beautiful post! You have a very interesting blog!
    Would you like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  21. You're doing far better than me with posting. I love the LOVe pic, plus the beautiful flowers, but oh my goodness, the best is you bungee jumping. What an amazing shot, you dare-devil!! Xxx


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