Friday, 1 April 2016

Scavenger Hunt - March

I've been more organized this month and with the exception of two, all photos have been taken  for the March hunt, instead of raided from my archive.  Thanks as ever to Greenthumb for hosting the challenge.


My local



 A Tudor residence in a nearby village,  Lindfield, West Sussex


Street art

 A groovy hoarding in East Grinstead...not sure what's with all the specs.
   Maybe a new opticians is going up behind?


Rock stairs

Not exactly rock, (mostly concrete by the looks of them) but they probably were when the bakery in Lindfield, was established in 1796.


 Mine was under Bacofoil a couple of weeks ago.


Preparing the sauce for sticky apple puddings for lunch with a friend.


 The Bay of Biscay...taken in France last autumn.  Le large in French means the open sea.

For one

 Scraping the barrel hereI usually take a home cooked meal into work but sometimes when I can't be arsed I take a meal For One.


 I featured this view last month.... this was taken six months later.

Thanks for looking, pop over to Scavenger Hunt to see other interpretations.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I really like all of this month's pictures Fiona, they are all a bit autobiographical, sort of like a visual diary of what you've been up to with little snapshots of your day to day life. Your local looks a lot more inviting than ours! You remind me of Cleopatra in your bacofoil. Move over Liz and Vivien! We got a new Queen on the block! That meal for one looks rather appetising actually! And only 410 calories! :) Xxx

  2. Your local looks really nice!
    Nice hair;-); I was looking the same at the haidresser lately,right behind the shop window....

  3. These are brilliant photos! Your local looks inviting, Lindfield looks beautiful, and I love the street art and the people walking past. Very clever use of Tiles. Ah, and I learned a little French - c'est ci bon!

  4. HI Fiona I am laughing at you under bacofoil. great take on hair as the meal ofr one, never thought of that! Now the scrable oard with the tiles for Scavenger Hunt was genius. Yes I think you are right about thse stteps I am sure they would have been stone in the 18th century. Loved the fun mural and the shot for crisp was great. I struggled with that one as I did for measure but you can see what I put on my post. Can you find next mmonth's word on the site? I cannot find them!

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  5. Loved your interpretations this month. I think crisp and tiles were my favourites and large was very clever. x

  6. I agree with Tania, these Photos are like a snapshot of your life. Lindfield looks picture postcard perfect and the groovy hoarding wouldn't be out of place at Glasto.
    The beach shot is dead glam and the foils must be an improvement on the rubber cap. Ouch!
    That ready meal looks quite tasty. xxx

    1. Hello loves, Yes foils are deffo an improvement on the ghastly cap, I felt a bit of a nana doing a selfie in the hairdressers though. The ready meal is Aldi's finest. xx

  7. Very clever choices here, and it was great fun to see how you interpreted the categories. I also thought the Scrabble tiles was a super idea, as well as crisp and measure. The Tudor style house, beach, and landscape photos were lovely. The meal for one was ingenious!

  8. We both had tudor houses for stripes! Loving lots of your interpretations especially the scrabble tiles, the bespectacled street art, the crisp apple and the hair foils. :)

  9. Lovely set of photos, you were very clever with Tiles.. love that photo.
    Amanda xx

  10. They do paint a picture, like a sort of colourful catch up - always great to see. Fun Tiles, very clever! Like Crisp too with the apple plate and swirly mat. And that expanse of blue sea and sky.
    Love a bit of T.G.Green x

  11. Your local looks inviting, very pretty - as is that Tudor house. You can't go wrong with a red spotty tablecloth and stripy measuring jug - a classic combo!
    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  12. Your photos are always interesting and well-composed, Fiona. Love the apple, le large (didn't know that meant open sea, your blog is educational!) and the stripes jug. Your local looks pretty good too!
    How are are the highlights looking? I'm at the hairdresser's next week, long overdue and I am looking forward to it! Xx

  13. Great photography! I wanted to see the sticky apple puddings... sounds yummy!

  14. You're allowed to scrape the barrel when the rest are GENIUS!!! I love the tiles- that was inspired!!!
    The measure was a great action shot too!
    Hmmmm, the glasses, yes could be some sort of eye-endeavour- funny street art!!!
    I like your Tudor stripes- my stripes one was awful- was literally scraping the barrel and had to edit it as it was blurry!!x

  15. I always enjoy your scavenger hunt photos, you have a good eye for a great picture.

  16. I really do love you scavenger hunt photos. And aren't you clever with the Scrabble tiles?

  17. I love your choices Fiona :) particularly the Hair and the Street Art - oh and le large - great idea. And the Scrabble Tiles - very clever. Great overview of the month.
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  18. I love that apple in its comfy dish.


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