Monday, 13 November 2017

Coq au Vin, Crochet and Christmas Cards - Handmade Monday

It's reached that time of year when I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark   I think the lawn may have been mown for the last time this year, the front hedge has been cut and garden furniture packed away in the garage until next spring.

What's a girl to do these long evenings? 

I cleared the decks in my craft room and set to.  Fifty xmas cards later and I'm feeling quite smug... never have I been so organised.  I adapted a simple idea that I stole from Pinterest and set up a production line, everything used came from my stash.

Next up, another crocheted cat blanket knocked up for the Cats Protection from odds and sods.  I was whittling down my yarn stash quite nicely until Friday when I visited Uckfield's many charity shops and came away with 200g of variegated DK.
I've a new project on my hook which I'm hoping to share with you soon... provided I  get my head around the pattern instructions!

Speaking of yarn, this next card was made for Helen, a Stitch & Bitch chum who'll be celebrating a big birthday next weekend. (No need to remind her of the number)   She loves all things pretty and pink so let's hope she likes it.

And the Coq au Vin??  Well I forgot to take a photo of it before I dished it up for lunch yesterday but here is the wreckage. 

Did you see Nigella last week?  I'm only surprised that she didn't lick the camera lens!



  1. These winter evenings are interminable. Its been dark here since 3.30 today!
    Love your card and crochet creations and dinner looks very hearty.
    I've got a few projects to crack on with but no inclination to do any of them at the moment - I need something I can do in front of the telly! xxx

  2. Well done on the card production line & being so organised even though you still work. Funny how our days are drawing out & suddenly it's hot, after what seemed like, a long winter. Lucky cats with your lovely crochet. Take care.

  3. The dark is what bothers the most this time of year. I hate it when it's dark so early, but it's even worse in the UK, isn't it? I'm in awe of the fact that you already made all those lovely cards! Knowing me, I'll probably make a last minute dash to the shops mid December! I've missed Nigella but I can actually imagine her licking the camera lens ... xxx

  4. Your cards look absolutely beautiful, Fi. Who ever the recipients are they are very lucky indeed. You are extremely well organised!

    I love your granny blanket - lovely muted colours. I'm just about to start sewing my hexagons together...

    I bet your Coq au Vin was delicious - it certainly looks it.

    It looks as if Nigella has been dieting...

  5. Fiona I think your Christmas cards are so pretty. You know it is a dying art, sending them out. After seeing yours I may be inspired to send out some of my own.

  6. I quite like being cosy at home and getting a lot done but sometimes I wish for a longer day. I love your cards! It must be great to cross this off your list.

  7. I hate these dark evening, and some days it barely seems to get properly light! I do like those crisp bright autumn mornings that we get occasionally though.
    I love your Christmas cards, super organised! I also love the fact you shared a photo of a pan of Coq au vin after you'd eaten it, that's just real life! Thanks so much for stopping by at Handmade Monday to share all your have been up to :-)

  8. hi Fiona, your cards are very classy. You have a good eye for design layout, I really love them both. Hope you enjoyed that variegated yarn as much as I enjoyed mine. Jo x

  9. Your cards are lovely Fiona, I'm just sorry it's taken me a while to see them! And as always, impressed with your crochet too. Still waiting to feel the pull of those knitting needles... xx


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