Sunday, 21 January 2018

Denim Teaser Toy For Cats - Handmade Monday

As a follower of several craft blogs, I'm constantly inspired by the wonderful creations I see.
  There are so many talented, creative people in the blogosphere and although I do like to dabble in a few different areas I know my limitations.  I'm not great with a sewing machine for instance....I need reading glasses these days and trying to thread the minute needle of the machine is always a challenge!
However, after seeing a fantastic denim dog bone posted on PillarBoxBlue, a blog bursting with denim delights, I was inspired to get the machine out again.

Not having a dog, I began to wonder what I could make for my foster cats and an idea began to form.

Here's what you need to make this denim fish cat teaser.

Small scraps of denim
(Some while ago I bought an outsize pair of jeans (size 28) at a jumble sale ....that's an awful lot of denim for 30p, but only a small amount is needed for this particular project.)
Soft toy filling 
Cord or String

(I forgot to photograph some of the steps as I was making this, but it's simple enough to create.)
Make a cardboard fish template. Trace around template twice onto reverse side of denim.

Cut out two denim fish leaving small seam allowance and pin right sides together.

Sew around fish leaving gap for stuffing.
Turn right sides out, insert knotted cord at mouth end and stuff fish with toy filling/cat nip.
(I used a knitting needle to get into all the fiddly areas.)
Close up the opening with hand stitching.  
Sew on two button eyes
Cut dowel to required length with hacksaw and sandpaper rough end until smooth.
Drill small hole one centimetre from the end.
Thread cord through hole and knot either side of dowel.

......Amuse your cat for hours!

Pickle, my current ward is a playful puss and loves her new toy!

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  1. It's a great idea, and Pickle seems to love her new toy! I once made a toy for Phoebe from some leftover felt, and filled it with catnip. It didn't look as sophisticated as your fish, though.

    1. You're so kind to call it sophisticated Ann! She does like batting the fish and she has a catnip mouse that flies through the air from time to time! She's very playful cat in general.xx

  2. Your fish cat toy looks really sweet and pickles seems to love it. These fish would be great for fishing game for kids with perhaps magnets. (Thanks for mentioning my dog toys)

  3. That is a great idea & may make one for DD's two cats, as I know the two grandchildren would amuse them with it. Thanks for sharing & take care.

    1. You'd knock one up easily Susan. Btw, I can't access your blog?

  4. I can't sew or use a machine but I think I could make this! I think I could probably crochet a fish too and I bet there are patterns out there...

    Hope your week is going well...


  5. What a fun thing to make, I hope your cats appreciated all your efforts. I have yet to rule my sewing machine as well :-)

    1. You do surprise me Amalia, I thought you'd be a whizz on a Singer. xx

  6. How wonderful Fiona, your cats are very lucky.
    I love to hear when one Handmade Mondayer is inspired by another :-)
    When I was little we always had cats and I remember crumping a brown paper envelope and tying it to a long length of wool, then we would drag it on the floor and the cat would go nuts for it! Your lovely fish is a much nicer and probably safer version. Our cat would end up catching our hands with her claws sometimes - by mistake I think!

  7. Love this Fiona, it's so sweet! And so is Pickle. I'm also a bit wary of my sewing machine - prefer sewing by hand which is mad because it takes ages. Keep saying I'm going to do something about it, but the machine is still sitting in a box in the cupboard.. xx

  8. fab idea, using scraps of denim to make cat toys with. My cat has a zillion and one toys but doesn't play with them, i'll investigate making some rope pulls for Bob the Dog #animaltales

  9. Aw, your fish cat teaser is adorable and brilliant for using up old scraps. Thank you adding this feline fun post to #AnimalTales. I also host a linky called #GoingGreen (currently open) and would love it if you wanted to link up there too!


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