Wednesday, 21 November 2012

You Know How Bad Girls Get

My latest makes for the upcoming craft fair are these Post-It Note holders,  I made these last year, flogged them for £1 and sold out.  I market them as 'ideal end of term gifts for teacher'. When did all that nonsense start anyway, we never had it in my day. 


 My worst 'lines' punishment was 500, from Mr Keech in Biology when I was about twelve.  He caught me holding a newspaper clip,  (which had just been passed to me by Mandy Dickson) of David Essex in his Y-Fronts!  It was a photo from his latest film, either That'll be the Day or Stardust I can't remember which.  I was most affronted that he took this punitive stance when I merely accepted something that had been passed to me, Mandy Dickson got off scott-free! 


Why do all these teenage girls go mad for Harry Styles nowadays? It's beyond me, he looks like a little boy.  At least David Essex's balls had dropped when he became a pop star 
Rock On !

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ttfn xx


  1. Oh Fi, you`ve just transported me back to my youth.Phwoar indeed!
    Loved him.
    Your post it holders are great too lol.
    Lynne xxx

  2. What post-it notes! ooops missed those, very useful although goodness knows where the idea came from as you say. I left him hanging on the wall of my original home. I'm good really. xx Flora

  3. I dunno, there is a similarity in their hair!

    Great idea, teacher gifts are a nightmare, especially when they're in nursery and have a ton of staff.

  4. Oh yes, you definitely need a pop star whose balls have descended, you speak the truth, Fiona!
    Saint Cliff in your last post, now The Police AND David Essex, you are spoiling us! I'd say 500 lines ("I must not lust after pop stars in their pants"?) was a small price to pay for a little drool over David in his heyday!
    After that hormonally flushed memory - let's talk post its! They look great, and yes, perfect little gifts to fulfill the ludicrous expectation that we buy Christmas presents for our kids' teachers... I am such a tight arse, I think, "well, they get paid, don't they?" Hahahaha, old grump that I am! xxx

  5. Love the Post It Notepads. And you did make me laugh about Harry Styles - couldn't agree more!

  6. Those pimped-up Post-its are fab, I bet my mates would much prefer them to the usual Lambrini and bath salts!
    David Essex in Y Fronts, remember it well. Far more manly that that girly looking posh kid. The youth of today, eh?! x

  7. Well I daresay David Essex was a little boy when we were all busy going mad for him! Hmm and the thing I most remember learning at school was that life is a very unfair business indeed. The post it note holders are fab - you probably wouldn't even get a post it pad for £1 now! Vicky x

  8. Hi Fiona

    Love the post it notes especially the chocolate and pink one it's sold by the way to me so please keep it for me will see you b4 Xmas

    Sue xx

  9. Hehe Excellent.

    I totally agree with Vicky above. I'm quite sure David Essex was an effeminate teenager in tight flares when we all dreamed about him.

    In underpants, you say? Off for a google...........

  10. Can't believe you don't own/know what one is!!!!!

    It's big and it's yellow and it's sticky


  11. Mandy Dickson is a slag and everyone knows it!

    Your notes are fantastic - I'd buy ten if I were there!!

    Sarah xxx


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