Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Listening to Radio 2

is what I usually do at some stage of the day. On my days off I more often than not have it on in the background all day. I'm not mad on Chris Evans (like an over excited child) or Jeremy Vine (who laughs at his own very weak jokes but I do like his topical phone-in's) Today I listened to Pop Master on Ken Bruce and as usual shouted the answers at the radio and castigated the contestants for being thick!! (because I'm so knowledgeable, don't you know)

Why am I telling you this, you wonder?

Something You're Listening To, is the final subject in February photo-a-day. I've enjoyed this challenge, it was just a shame that my DSLR battery charger decided to conk out just as I got started and I had to revert to my 'point and press' However, the camera shop rang me today with the news that my new charger was in, so I'll be back with better snaps soon, one hopes.

I'm back on shift in the morning and won't be posting for a few days so thought I'd share with you yesterday's chazza shop finds.

Two wooden bangles £1 each, two home mags 50p each, and oddments of wool 50p the lot. (for the blanket I'm intending to crochet!)

Aqua pure new wool jumper 50p (slightly too big but I couldn't resist at this price)

Not from the charity shop but from Lidl were these pretty tulips which I arranged with some hellebores from my garden. Spring is on the way.

Thanks for looking,
Fiona x


  1. Those bangles are fabulous and you'd have been mad to pass up a jumper for 50p! It's not Spring just yet! x

  2. Beautiful flowers. You know me and my radio two habit!

    I'm doing the March photo a day challenge, join in!

    Enjoy work

  3. I'm a Radio 2 girl too - Radio 4 is too serious/hard work, I'm too old for Radio 1, so there we are, Ken Bruce it is! Jeremy Vine and all the arses who call in thinking we care about their opinions - no thank you! Though clearly MY opinions are vital to everyone, hahaha!
    Love the bangles, and great photo of the flowers - good old Lidl!
    PS. Enjoying Absolute 60s/80s/Rock too, when you don't want any talking just music. xxxxxx

  4. I hover between Radio 1 in the mornings and Radio 2 in the afternoons. I do sometimes find Radio 1 a bit shouty, though - must be my age!


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