Sunday, 11 March 2012


Here is Day 9 of March photo-a day. (running a little late, I know)

This phone box is looking rather sad, inside there was a notice which said it could be adopted by the village for just £1 'without telephony'. As the notice was dated 2009 I guess the village did adopt the phone box and they must have coughed up more than a pound as well.

I'm glad they did, these red phone boxes are a British design classic and the adoption scheme means that some of them will be protected for future generations. This one could do with a paint job though.


  1. I do love a classic red telephone box, they really are a design classic. Lovely pictures. x
    PS Email me your address, I'll pass that chick lit book set in the vintage clothes shop if you'd like it. goanmad@hotmail.com

  2. I would willing give some money to keep these lovely phone boxes around. So glad it was saved.


  3. What would we have done without the phone box when we were teenagers?

    I'll leave you to think about that one!


  4. Ooh yes, the phone box was of great importance in my youth! The red phones boxes are just great - apart from that characteristic smell...!
    Nice to see Miss Tea, coffee or me? making her appearance on the side there, Fiona!!
    PS. What did you decide about your old uniform? Keep for posterity or make a killing on Ebay? xxxxx


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