Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spots And Stripes Are No Delight

I should have known this weeks LIM card challenge was going to be a bit of a bugger when it took me about half an hour to find the piece of sequin waste that I intended to use as a mask.  Where was it..?  on the bloody floor!  It must have been there under my desk for ages, it explains my blog name you understand.

Chrissie and Jen decided to give us a tough one this week 'ONE LAYER, SPOTS and STRIPES' and as I don't have any spotty or stripy stamps or embossing folders, this uninspiring creation is all I could manage!  I nearly didn't blog it but after all the sodding effort that went into making it I'm jolly well going to.

 discarded efforts

For the dry embossed stripes I used my newly purchased Hougie Board for the first time.  I was rather disappointed with this product. I found the 'lip' that you butt the card up to wasn't deep enough and the card kept sliding over it when I was scoring. Also the scoring tool that comes with it is crap and my own embossing tool ensured much better results.  Has anyone else found these problems with it?  To complete the card I used a sentiment from Penny Black.

Last night I watched Made in Dagenham on BBC2 which is based on the true story of female Ford factory workers fighting for equal pay in the late 1960's.  I didn't catch this film when it was released and as I was only six years old when it all happened didn't know much about it. As is often the case with such films, historically it was not entirely accurate but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed this feel-good film which boasted a strong cast.  I loved the fab fashions which looked pretty authentic to me and the 60's soundtrack.

I thought spring had sprung last week but sure enough rain and cold temperatures have returned.  I'm longing to get out and about snapping but for now here are a few inside shots.

Today of course is Mothering Sunday and Mum is much in my thoughts.  This is the second Mother's Day that she has been gone and it still feels strange not to be making a special card or taking her out for lunch. 

If you're seeing your mum today, enjoy it.



  1. I love it Fi.
    i love the lines and the spots.
    I have a hoogie board and an old scoring basic board and I must admit i prefer my old board and i don't use that flimsy tool either. Debbiex

  2. Well hun, your card was worth the struggle, this is fabulous! Your craft space sounds like mine - I "lost" a Memory Box die yesterday, nearly drove me mental til I eventually found it "somewhere safe". Hugs, Sxx

  3. Hola Fiona...so sorry about your mother...i think nobody is prepared for this BIG loss.
    I adore the orchids, in your house the spring has come:D.
    Clever idea for your card Fiona, i think with a little difficult...i bought in London in Blade Rubber stamps The Top Score multiboard from Crafter's companion, very cheaper and good deep for score, but i use my tool of Fiskars for make the scorings lines it's much better, the tools of these boards are make with plastic and for me not work so good and if the card stock is 300gr i need to make the score lines several times, but if the cardstock is 210gr i need score soft because the paper can broke it...i dont'e know if i help you, but i adore my multiboard.
    A warm hug from Palma and have a nice mother's day.

  4. Thinking of you on this day. x
    Your card is beautiful! I am annoyed as I wanted to watch that movie and missed it! Doh!

  5. Beautiful card, well worth all your efforts

  6. Well, that was definitely worth all the s*****g effort, Fiona, it's fabulous! Looks like you had a brilliant day at Make-it ... so many things to play with and be inspired by ... love coming here for a visit! Anita :)

  7. I share with you your sense of loss on Mother's Day. It's hard all the time when you miss them so much and I find it doubly difficult on 'special' days like today and Christmas etc.
    At least you've managed a card - my brain is dead I think - couldn't think of one single tiny thing to do for this weeks challenge - so I applaud your struggle and the fab result!! Me- I've just given up trying!!!

  8. fantastic card, fiona... love the spots with the score lines!! your orchid is just gorgeous. i still have my mom, but my dad has been gone for 20+ years and i miss him dearly... thinking of you!

  9. I really think the edging and the scoring is fab! Sorry about the efforts - I am no wizard with the scoring, I dont even have a scorer yet. I am still building some basics. I have been stamping off and on for years, but not to this extent of displaying them. It is great fun meeting so many wonderful and talented ladies.

    Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog, I do love the Northwest, don't get me wrong -it rains so much to be so green. The downfall, my lawn is all moss, with some shoots here and there of grass that looks like Charlie Brown's hair. I walk out to emjoy the lovely daffodils popping up and my feet sink about 3 inches in the, moss carpet. Laughable.

    Your plants are so wonderful.
    Have a womderful day!

  10. I enjoyed Made in Dagenham, too - saw it at the cinema when it came out, and it was a lot better than I expected it to be. Am always impressed by your cardmaking skills - I am the world's least crafty person, so love seeing everybody else's clever makes online. x

  11. Love your card, I also have the board but have not used it enough. xx Flora

  12. Love your card Fiona, fabby colour.
    I watched Made in Dagenham last night too, loved it.
    I was 14 in 1969 so remember well the music and the fashions though not the strike. Really not interested in things like that at that age are you. Love a good strong female drama though.
    Lynne xxx

  13. Great card Fiona; perfect for the LIM challenge. I have to agree about the scoring tool - mine has a little 'bobble' of plastic on the end that keeps tearing the card!!

    Thanks for the blast from the past with Green Tambourine - loved it when I was a kid!

  14. Fab card - lovely colour. Thanks for the heads up about the hougie board too.

    I lost my mum ten years ago - it DOES get easier to bear

    Green Tambourine? My kind of era!


  15. Well I think you did a brilliant job with this tricky challenge Fiona... it looks fabbo!
    I have a Hougie board but rarely use it, my favourite of all the boards I have is the Scor-Pal... I have a Crafter's Companion. A Stampin' Up, a Wooden one (or should I say MDF, which was the very first one I bought)plus the Hougie. I tend to use different boards for different purposes.
    What a load of waffle!
    Anyway thanks so much!
    "Less is More"

  16. I think it looks gorgeous, I'd be delighted to be the recipient of that beauty!
    I shall watch Made In Dagenham on the i-Player later, there's bugger else on.
    Thought about you yesterday, hope it was bearable. xxxx

  17. This is beautiful, Fiona, a lovely CAS card!

    I know what you mean about the discarded ones. I tried twice with a butterfly stamp, after the second time I was sure it was OK and then noticed some sort of sticky stuff had made its way onto the card, so I gave up and made something else. Sue x

  18. Love the card, very effective! I know how you are feeling without your mum, this was my first Mothers Day without mine and its very hard. Big hugs xxx

  19. I'm so sorry Mother's Day is tough, Fiona. Happy memories but so much sadness and loss.
    I haven't seen Made in Dagenham, though I would like to.
    You are far too self-critical about your cards, you know! I really like the effect and the bright cheerful colour. xxx

  20. Glad you did post it Fiona as it's fabulous! I so empathize with you over losing stuff, I do that all the time and it drives me potty too !!! :) Viv xx

  21. Mothers day must be difficult for you Fiona but truly it's better to miss your mum because you were so close than to not miss her because you weren't. Your card is lovely as all your cards are! I adore my Simply Scored (and I'm not just saying that because I'm Mrs Stampin' Up!) It scores like a dream, has a proper lip that you can slide the tool down and never slips - AND has add on boards that fit inside and give great effects too! I watched Made in Dag when it came out and I loved it, like you, because of the 70s feel. Not entirely accurate no, but based on real events though. Vicky x


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