Sunday, 8 June 2014

Handknitted by Jean Price

It's been a busy old week what with work and then days off which have been even busier.  On Thursday I cut out my skirt fabric, pattern here, as Friday was the long awaited making day.  I wish I had a finished garment to show you, but it was all a bit of a disaster.....  I arrived at the sewing venue raring to go, with five other ladies from my Knit and Natter group who were also keen to give this sewing lark a try.  Machines were whirring at full pelt when I asked our tutor a question which required her to look at my ancient machine.  Well apparently it didn't pass muster, my needle was off centre (I had no idea where it was supposed to be!) and pronounced not fit for skirt making.

To cut a long story short I used a spare machine, but of course by the time I had threaded it up and worked out how to use it I was miles behind the others and ran out of time, therefore my skirt is unfinished. Major disappointment! To cheer myself up yesterday I went to a jumble sale.  We had to queue for half an hour before opening, fortunately after the deluge earlier, it was surprisingly warm and dry.  Here's what I bought.

Denby jug, two seventies coffee cups, Faience design tin tray, Wealden district guide, small Pyrex dish and a beautifully hand knitted wool sweater...I'm thinking ahead to winter already. All this is worth £2.30 of anyone's money I reckon.
Still in the making mood, last night I knocked up a few cards.  This is one of them which I'm entering in the following challenges.
Stampin For The Weekend-Anything Goes 

 I used:  Scalloped Circle nesties
die-cut flowers-Memory Box
flourish stamp-My Paper World
sentiment-Penny Black
A cream and red colour combination was used to comply with the brief at LIM and I followed Creative Inspirations sketch 10.  

Thanks for all your recent comments and for those who were interested in the 'sleb' who was up themself, I can reveal that none of you guessed correctly!  I'll be back later to catch up with you all but for now I'm off to do battle with Dad's garden. 
 Enjoy your week.


  1. Do not be put off sewing because of an off centre needle. Does it sew? If so use it. Love your flower pictures, so colourful!!

  2. Great CAS card. I like the colours and design, very stylish.
    Don't discard the sewing machine. Just get someone to look and it. Perhaps it won't take much to recentre the needle. For certain tasks my needle can be set off centre. You mighn't be able to do lots of fancy sewing but it should cope with plain sewing.
    Love you flowers photos. I am quite envious of your peony. I kill them off as soon as I plant them

  3. I wonder who Jean Price was … and why she gave up such a gorgeous jumper!!
    Love the card.

  4. What a shame you didn't get to finish your skirt. Its funny how being back in a learner position can make you feel just like you are at school again and that panic of not keeping up with everyone else.

    Your jumble finds are brilliant and I love the handmade jumper.

  5. Beautiful colours, layout and design.
    Thanks for sharing and taking part
    Less is More

  6. Gorgeous mix of colours in that jumper! Needless to say I love your 70's stuff - fab pyrex pattern. Another cracking card too x

  7. Smashing card Fiona,love the stamping on your nestie.
    I`m loving your retro buys aswell especially the Pyrex. I`m still using some Pyrex dishes my mum bought in the 60`s. Took a leaf out of your book the other day and bought a M&S jacket from our local hospice charity shop for £6.
    Lynne xxx
    p.s. bet it was Vernon Kaye ;)

  8. That is such a cute machine!
    Argh, using a machine you're not familiar with is a trial!!! So bummed for you! They're all a bit different, and some are just temperamental!
    I bloody LOVE Pyrex, that is a cutie you scored!

  9. Super card Fiona... seems you're still successful in the Chazza department too!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  10. Sorry to hear about your sewing machine! Perhaps you will get on better at home on your own. Your finds are lovely though! xx

  11. What a shame about the sewing machine. There must be someone locally who'll service it for you 'cos it looks a good sturdy one.
    Your Denby jug is Arabesque - Mum & Dad had the set as a wedding present and its in my kitchen!
    Your other finds are fab and the card's a beauty! xxxx

  12. i think the sewing machine is fab... great card
    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen x
    "Less Is More"

  13. Nice to see your machine. My Grandma was a seamstress and she used the same make. I hope you can get it fixed.
    That's such a lovely card. How do you keep coming up with new ideas? xx

  14. Oh yes, do try and get your sewing machine serviced, it would be a shame to scrap it if it can be fixed. But that's so frustrating, when you are all set to crack on. Still, you'll get the skirt done, I have faith - if I can do it, you can, Fi!
    I know Vix had that Denby pottery, it's such a groovy 1960s pattern, isn't it? Love your tray too, and bless Jean Price for putting a little label in her lovely jumper!
    Beautiful blooms and card. Now come on, you tease, spill the sleb beans, will ya?! xxxx

  15. I reckon a good old jumble will brighten even the darkest of moods!

    Shame the tutor couldn't fathom your machine, it looks like a cool bit of kit. i'm sure you can still use it. x

  16. I reckon a good old jumble will brighten even the darkest of moods!

    Shame the tutor couldn't fathom your machine, it looks like a cool bit of kit. i'm sure you can still use it. x

  17. Hee hee it`s always the one you least expect.
    Lynne xxx

  18. Very pretty card!

    Jumping in here: I teach quilting and have only once been defeated my a machine. For the straight stitching you are doing the offset needle should not have been a problem, maybe there was something else wrong?

    Please ask the others from your class for a recommendation for a good repair shop and take your machine in for a diagnosis.

    Back to cards now :)

    Thank for for joining us at Less is More this week
    LIM Designer

  19. Love your card, what beautiful colours :D Gay x
    p.s I know nothing about sewing so am really impressed that you noticed the needle was off :D X

  20. Let's get ready to jumble! Can't beat a good old rummage and an armload of bargains, can you? Love the tin and of course Jean Price's jumper, that looks so cosy. Hope it's soft too. Now what on earth is this about your machine? Total nightmare! How stressful! Still, I'm another one who's confident you will finish the skirt and look like a model in it to boot! xxxxx

  21. I love garage sales and fox glove flowers are my favorite. Beautiful pics. Lovely card. So happy you joined us at Less Is More this week. - Lisa Lara (LIM Guest Designer)

  22. gasp! what a lovely pattern on that pyrex dish!

    a nice piece of handknitted garment is worth picking up in the thrifts whatever the season is at that time. i always think that to make such a jumper would cost weeks of work and a lot of money in yarn... so a great score there too!

    i'm kicking myself about not going to many more carboots and local jumble sales when i lived in the uk, they have such a special atmosphere even if your wellies get stuck in the mud sometimes... to be honest i didn't know how to haggle. sometimes spent many £10 notes on stuff. my then-husband didn't approve at all :)

    anyway, nice to see your finds! greetings from Finland!

  23. You must be a very creative person. I adore your cards and lovely to see the inspiration behind them. Popping over from #MagpieMonday


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