Saturday, 28 July 2012


So, I'm back from my holidays in Cornwall and bloody lovely it was too, the sun shone from the moment we arrived until after we got home.  I say 'we' as I went with... the new bloke!  I've been seeing him for a few months now but although I've known him for twenty years I was quite apprehensive about going away with a man after so long on my own.  Anyway I'm pleased to report all went well and he managed to put up with me, I even got him in a charity shop! 

We had the most glorious weather, great food, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and there was no shortage of cider either!    

Spectacular scenery at Carnewas 

Bedruthan Steps. We climbed the 142 steps down to the shore, the way back 
up included several stops,......... just to take in the view, you understand.  
Unfit, moi ??  

   (This one's a favourite) 

 "Just try sticking a parking ticket on me mate !"

  Yours truly and Chalky cycling along the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow.  (Worry not dear readers, Chalky had his own trailer and this basket pose was just a photo opportunity. No dogs were confined during this cycle ride!)  

A Harlyn Bay sunset


Picturesque Polperro

   Chocolate box scenes. 

Whilst away, I even got to see Vik, an old friend from my backpacking days whom we met in her home town of Truro, alas I forgot to take any snaps we were so engrossed in conversation.  We haven't seen each other in 5 years and it was so lovely to catch up, the menfolk seemed to have plenty to chat about too fortunately!

Back to reality now and Olympic mania.  I have been very cynical about the whole Olympic event, the cost to the nation, the G4S debacle etc, (why did the Government not consult me first ?  When G4S had the Passenger Special Assistance contract at Gatwick they could not even deliver a doddery pensioner to a flight on time !!!)  but even I had to admit, what I saw of the opening ceremony was pretty impressive.  Much as I loathe Mr. Bean I thought his appearance was inspired as I believe he is known around the globe.  Can't say I shall be watching any more of it though as sport interests me not.

Off to catch up with all of you now. 

Anowre xx  (Cornish for ta ra)


  1. WOW, quite a post there Fiona :D!!! Brilliant that you had such a good holiday, you seem to have packed a lot into it and I must remember to co-ordinate my holiday times with yours in future ha ha! I have fond memories of Polperro and Cornwall in general so what a loveley reminder. Stunning photo's again, your favourite is mine too but they're all fantastic. Chris xx

  2. You take the most beautiful photos, Fiona, they are stunning. And YOU are stunning too, riding along on your pushbike, honey!
    I hope The Man appreciates how lucky he is to be going out with a supermodel. Might he allow photos of himself on the blog at some point? Nosy? ME? Yeah, little bit!
    Glad you had a great holiday and that the sun shone, but it's nice to have you back too! xxx

  3. Those pictures should be on the Cornish Tourism website, they are gorgeous and make me want to go right now!
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time with the new man. I bet he was too distracted by your hot self to take much notice of his surroundings! xxx

  4. Oh Fiona, how lucky you were with the weather! Paul and I had our first holiday to Cornwall, so I can imagine what the stops were for!

    We have been back time and time again with our boys but never in the sun.

    The photos are stunning, Kirsty would be proud


  5. I am so envious of your blue skies! What luck to get only sunshine on a holiday this summer. Love your photographs - you have a really good eye!

  6. OH wow - I absolutely adore these images. I haven't been to Cornwall for ages, and this reminded me of how gorgeous it is. Happy weekend

  7. Absolutely beautiful pics Fiona. I've not visited Polperro but after seeing these pics I'd love to.
    Sally x

  8. Bum just posted a comment and it vanished.

    As everyone has said Fiona stunning photos, glad it all went well and the waather was good. Prue was fine but I think she missed you even tho we had cuddles twice a day.


  9. Aaaaah! I've very much enjoyed wallowing in your gorgeous photos Fiona and there's even a Mills & Boon touch as you went away with your tall dark handsome chap (I'm making this up of course, but I hope he's lovely!) Cornwall in the sunshine is the best holiday ever. Vicky x

  10. What stunning photos, so beautiful. glad you had a good time and I love your little dog! Xxx

  11. Fiona,

    i appreciate your kind comments on my blog. Your photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh these pics are BEAUTIFUL! I want to go there! That looks like where Doc Martin lives! Love the exquisite landscape and you are gorgeous - but my favourite thing of all is Chalky in the basket - BIG CUDDLES FOR CHALKY!!! Sarah xxx


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