Monday, 6 December 2010

Seven Tags and a Drama

Thank goodness all the snow is thawing, I nearly had a disaster over the weekend.
I came downstairs first thing on Saturday morning to find one panel in my conservatory roof completely bowed under the weight of all the snow and ice and it had popped out of the seal. Snow and water had been dripping indoors all night long! The floor was covered in puddles and the sofa absolutely saturated. Fortunately my brother and his neighbour came to my rescue and managed to clear the snow and repair the roof. The only casualty appears to be the sofa, and I'm sure that'll dry out in time. (like 6 months!)

After all this drama, I needed something to calm my nerves so knocked up some Christmas Tags which were inspired by Michelle Last's lovely work. My tags were made using old scraps of card and ribbon, and wrapping paper so they will co-ordinate with my presents. The holly leaf was stamped using this Stampendous stamp and shaped using a ball tool, and I added sequins for the berries. Even managed to use a few crafty peel-off's!

Thought I would enter this project into Keep It Simple's current challenge which is 'Deck the Halls'.

Hope you are all keeping warm and thanks for looking.
Fiona x