Friday, 11 March 2016

Five on Friday and The Great Chalk Paint Disaster

For this week's Five on Friday I thought I'd give you a brief summary of my week.
Reader alert...it's been an unexciting one so you are excused if you've something more interesting to do...... cleaning the lav,  for instance.

1. Jumble Sale

Last weekend there was a jumble sale nearby, so good friend Juliette and I hot-footed off to it despite the dark threatening skies.  I managed to survive the scrum at Bric-a-Brac and bought this glass ink well for 30p as I really need another receptacle for flowers....NOT.   

2. Reading 

Another jumble sale purchase was this paperback at 20p.  I'm a big fan of Lisa Jewell's books, usually about dysfunctional individuals and have read quite a few, so when I saw this one that I hadn't read I snapped it up.  I started reading a couple of days later and couldn't put it down. 

3. Washing Out at last

How sad am I? The sun made an appearance and it cheered me that I was able to get washing out on the line instead of draped all over the rads.  

4. Mortgage

Image result for images for mortgage

I managed to make a large over payment on my mortgage this month which has taken the balance under
the next big round number....a nice feeling.  With continued regular over payments I should be shot of it in a few years.

5 .Chalk Paint disaster

Some readers may remember my recently bought dresser that I featured in this post.
At that point I was umming and aahing about using chalk paint, I'd never tried it before, was it tricky? or should I use my tried and tested eggshell?  No, try something new she thought, nothing ventured etc ....
After reading lots of advice online from individuals who (mostly) raved about it and thinking surely all these people can't be wrong, I went down to the hardware shop and bought a can.

You can see the results above.  I painted on two coats mostly with a roller and then waxed as advised.
It's a blotchy mess.  The wax is sitting in all the nooks and crannies (perhaps I was heavy handed or used the wrong wax) and some of the paintwork is lumpy.  I've been scouring the web hoping to find a solution...I'm so disappointed as this dresser is perfect and I'd been after one for ages.   Will deffo be using eggshell on future pieces.

So that was my week, hope yours was better.  Wishing you all a cracking weekend. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Scavenger Hunt - February

It's been a less than exciting month here in West Sussex but nevertheless I have managed to cobble together a collection of snaps for Scavenger Hunt.  Some were taken especially for the challenge but as usual I failed to get them all (I'm blaming the weather) and so a few have been selected from my archives.


This green and pleasant land...a local view taken last summer.


I saw these abandoned plimsolls in the stairwell of a multi-storey car park and thought they looked incongruous.  Who left them there and why?  They appeared to be brand new. 

This Mercedes was in Aldi's car park (seems to be a theme going on here!)
I love vintage cars and thought this one was especially cool.

Somewhere you went

 Whilst staying with my aunt last month we popped in to Eastwell Manor, Ashford, Kent for coffee and relaxed with it in this lovely wood panelled lounge.


 A smart-phone shot of a neighbour's fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night


From a low angle

 Taken at Hastings last year

On the shelf



Mes devoirs...mistakes an' all


 Dad checking out a re-purposed phone box in Leigh, Surrey


 Three gerberas lined up on the mantelpiece.  Their long stems had bent so I cut them short and displayed them in these small stone bottles.


 Bike racks at St Gilles Croix de Vie, France

I have a week off work now so I'm hoping the weather will improve and I will be able to make a start on March's list which you can find here.  Big thanks to Greenthumb as usual for hosting my favourite photo challenge...why not pop over and see the other entrants fab interpretations.