Friday, 20 May 2016

Five On Friday.....The Dresser Reveal

It's been a while hasn't it?  I've been so busy lately that my blog has been neglected but I recently finished tarting up my dresser and thought it was worth documenting along with a few other things.  I'll be linking to Amy's Five On Friday.  

I am beside myself with excitement at the moment as I have managed to get tickets to this man's forthcoming Electronica tour.

Image result for jean michel jarre 2015

I discovered musician Jean-Michel Jarre in the seventies, a pioneer in the electronic genre, I instantly loved his music.  I bought his first LP's and remember playing them over and over in my bedroom....his melancholic melodies accompanying whatever teenage angst I imagined I was going through at the timeHe was so handsome back then and even now at the age of 68  I reckon he's still a bit of alright.  He's well known for his impressive open air spectacles featuring lights, lasers and fireworks, check out Youtube to see his stunning millennium show at Giza. 

Although it is cold and wet as I write, the weather has taken a turn for the better recently and I've been able to get out and about on my bike with my camera.  In case you've not quite seen enough pictures of bluebells in blogland lately...here's mine.

 The fragrance, as I cycled up the track flanked by swathes of bluebells was wonderful.
The fields of rapeseed have been photo worthy also. 

Regular readers might remember that old Dutch dresser that I bought a while back?  My intention was to transform it with chalk paint...however the makeover was not without it's problems!  But thanks to perseverance and advice from Paint Guru Emma Kate I can now reveal it... in all it's glory.
After chalk paint and dreadful wax job
try again and....Ta dah!

After all my graft I wasn't sure I liked the colour, but I think it's gradually growing on me.  Anyway I'm certainly not painting it again...not this year anyway. 
I painted it with eggshell the second time, added some cup hooks and gave it a light distressed finish as I thought I was bound to scratch the paintwork sooner or later...lo and behold I managed to do this whilst attempting to reunite the top and bottom.  Oh well, just as well I'm no perfectionist!  I've dressed it with an incohesive collection of my nan's china, jumble sale bric-a-brac, and junk shop finds. 

You'd think I would have had enough of revamping furniture but recently round at an elderly friend of mine I saw a Lloyd Loom ottoman in her garage and remarked how useful they are.  The next time I spoke to her, she offered it to me, saying that her son will 'only throw it on the tip after I'm gone'  
I couldn't turn it down could I?

It needs quite a bit of work but I've got a few ideas,  I just need to find some fabric at a jumble sale....  and get rid of a few dead spiders.

 Right, I'm off now, a huge pile of ironing awaits but I'll leave you with the marveilleux Monsieur Jarre.  Enjoy!