Monday, 27 August 2012

Crafty Bits and Hair Grips

I've managed to cram in a quick mini card for this week's LIM challenge 3-2-1, this grey bank holiday Monday.  I used one of my oldest stamps (Penny Black) and one that's rarely used.   Simply paper pieced with scraps from my stash and paired with a Woodware sentiment, job's a good 'un.

Three birdhouses, two layers, one sentiment.

I'm now in full crafting mode in order to produce a stall full of stocking fillers for this year's village Xmas Craft Fair in December.  I recently decorated these hairgrips with felt flowers hoping they will sell.  Any feedback would be appreciated.... don't be polite, it's all about making money for St Catherine's Hospice who cared for Mum so wonderfully.

I would have modelled them myself but I'm looking dog rough following two night shifts!  Prudy obviously missed me on nights as she accompanied me to the craft room and surveyed the local comings and goings whilst I crafted.

No doubt I won't see her arse for dust now, as the hoover is about to make an appearance.


Monday, 20 August 2012


Is the theme for 20th August in the photo-a-day challenge.  So today I went into East Grinstead (nearest town) where I'd seen a newly opened second hand shop but hadn't yet had the chance to visit.  But when I got there, bugger, it was shut.  "How very dare they!"  Just when I was in a mood to have a rummage as well.

A quick squizz through the window revealed prices on the steep side as suspected, however I did see a rail marked 'under £10' so I may go back to investigate another time.

That hat you can see in the window was £45 !!!   I wonder how long it will be there ?
My recent chazza finds have not been tres exciting but here they are anyway.

 embroidered bag £1 (think it should have seen an iron before I blogged it)

sturdy vintage stapler (none of yer plastic rubbish) 75p
(my previous one knicked from NatWest bank in 1979 where I worked at the time, recently died)

I had another session at the allotment today and clumsily dropped the wheelbarrow (which is a Heath Robinson affair with a wheel fashioned from wood) on my foot.  As I was in flip-flops at the time the air was blue, but I was reminded of this. 

Some people may find it distasteful in this day and age but I must confess it never fails to make me smile.  What's your opinion ?

Today's post is my 200th!  Thank you all for reading and hope you're still here in another 200.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Only Women Weed

I spent a few hours weeding my plot this afternoon, the heat was stifling but it had to be done.  After 48 hours of Gatwick summer madness this week the peace and tranquility of the allotments was good for the soul.

August photo-a-day  Inside

Alas these are not mine

It must have been too hot for other allotmenteers as I appeared to be the only one toiling, although I did engage in a brief conversation about the abundance of butterflies with a happy-snapping lady and we both agreed it was a very restful place to be.

not mine either

I'm covered in grime so I'm off to indulge myself with a well deserved soak in beautifully scented birthday gifted bath oil.

What did you do today ?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The F Word

I know I've been a bad blogger lately and my apologies for not visiting you all as often as usual but I've had a birthday...a bloody big one, and I had a party to organise.

Yes folks you've guessed it, yesterday I was.... (whispers) fifty!! It doesn't seem possible that I am that ancient, it only seems like the other day that I was out clubbing, backpacking and drinking for England.  How can it be that I now enjoy gardening, kicking off my high heels and slobbing around in my slippers and look forward to an early night ?  It can only be a matter of days before the dreaded post from Saga appears on the doormat and then I really will feel old.  But one cannot dwell on the negatives of getting older and I am truly thankful that I have reached this age without any serious health issues and have had a loving family around me.

Anyway here are the photo's of my 50th Birthday Afternoon Tea (sounds very posh and refined eh ?  .....not at all like me!).

The venue

Beautiful birthday cakes baked by my lovely auntie, Sam

with my oldest school friend Sue, we started school the same day aged 5.

Alas the chazza shop's were bereft of suitable frocks so I had to resort to the retail route.

my lovely family and friends

  I did miss mum hugely and thought how much she would have enjoyed it but otherwise I could not have had a more perfect day, everything went according to plan and the weather was fantastic. Really a day to remember.

Thanks for looking and hope to catch up with you soon.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blue and Green

.....should never be seen, isn't that how the old saying goes ?  But this is the theme for this week's  LIM challenge.  I've got a few bloke birthdays coming up so thought I would go for a masculine take.  I simply inked an Elusive Images paisley stamp twice, cut out with a circular nestie and mounted with sticky fixers on some toning Bazzill - job done. Very simple and unfussy and although the space isn't white, there is space, so hope this fits the brief. 

A very speedy post from me today as I've much to do, I've yet to weed my allotment, do the ironing and alter my party dress!  (More about that next week)

Thanks for all your lovely comments last week and wherever you are, I hope you are having a great weekend.

ttfn x

N.B. The 'greens' match perfectly IRL but of course the sodding camera has not shown this!