Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hove, actually.

I've been down to the South Coast this week to visit a friend.   He told me that Hove boasts no less than seventeen charity shops - although Siri said it was only ten!  Previously a devotee of Peacocks, I think I may have converted him to my thrifty chazza ways as he scored a pair of £3.50 trews. We meandered from chazza to chazza and also picked up this little lot along the way.

(70's?) melamine dishes.

(photobombed by a very nosy moggy)

                                  'Nana' jacket (according to my friend) £5

I liked this in the shop but not sure now. For some reason in this pic it looks squat and ginormous. Think it will look OK with jeans though and I'm going to change the button as in my opinion this one looks cheap.  When I went to pay, the lady said it was a BOGOF so I scoured the rails for another pleasing item and found this wraparound maxi skirt. Not an entirely sensible purchase as I haven't a bloody thing to go with it!  

On the way home we stumbled across Department which was right up my street and we both had a good old rummage which resulted in me parting with £7.50 for this charmante (60's?) French print which I love and is now taking pride of place in my hall. 

Linking up to Op Shop Show Off and Thriftasaurus


Now for the big news.... drum roll please, I've finished the baby jumper (which is intended for a poor African child) that I started in March!  Before you judge me too harshly, I would just like to point out that this is my inaugaral knit.  Yes, there have been a few calamities along the way,  I've had to seek assistance from Jan over the road on more than one occasion but it does resemble the illustration on the pattern, now I've removed the cat hair. Knitting experts look away now...

I'm not sure I will start another project just yet as I've still got a long way to go with the crochet. Although I've made an abundance of granny squares they've yet to be crocheted together like this.  

Righto, I'm off to finish that pint of cider now, reckon I deserve it.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Birthdays Are No Picnic

I've been away from the keyboard for a whiledid you notice ?
Since my last rambling I've had another birthday!  I received lots of lovely cards.......

 and beautiful gifts......

  and went to a very posh hotel down the road for afternoon tea and a glass of Bolly.  

Also came the long awaited family reunion picnic which was held on Ashdown Forest. The last one was over thirty years ago and rellies came from far and wide to meet distant cousins some, who hitherto knew nothing about each other.

Cousin Ian  came up trumps and arrived in his 1924 Buick which he's been restoring for.. well, as long as I can remember!

The workmanship on this exquisite vehicle is impeccable and deservedly so, it drew lots of admiring glances from passers by.

Dad showed off his family tree

and Ernie

 had a lovely time chasing the 'gizmo'.

The family picnic was pronounced a great success, will it be another thirty years before someone organises the next one?  Will I still be quaffing cider if I make it to 81?  I bloody hope so!
The nights are drawing in and summer is almost over, what have you been doing with yours?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

This n That

I've had 'stuff' going on lately so haven't been in a mind to blog  but I'm back now with an odds 'n sods sort of post so I hope you'll bear with me.

We've had a couple of family parties lately, a fortnight ago it was the Ruby Wedding Anniversary of my aunt and uncle who held a lovely celebration for forty friends and relatives in a delightful village hall in Kent.

Here I am with them, together (wearing my latest chazza acquisation) with my bro, SIL, their kids and Dad. 


Sam my aunt is very handy with a needle and recently made me this gorgeous quiltI was so touched by such a beautiful hand made gift which must have taken hours to complete.

So many personal details, like the buttons....
 and the hand stitched message on the reverse.

The only trouble is I know what'll happen if I put it on the bed, by the end of the week it will be covered with sodding cat hair!  Methinks it will be only making an appearance when I have guests which is such a shame as it deserves to be showcased, but I can't risk it being ruined by a furry feline.

I so wanted to make Sam & Des something for their 40th but as I'm crap with a needle and the worlds slowest knitter/crocheter it had to be just a card didn't it?


Which I then promptly forgot to take to the celebrationsDurrr!
I made this card using a heart die by Xcut, the stamps are by Cardio. I'm entering this one into the following challenges:

Die cutting Diva's - Anything Goes
Make It Monday - Anything Goes

On the subject of cards, I knocked this up earlier today to link up with this week's LIM colour challenge.

It seems like a few of us had the same idea this week...great minds and all that.

Tomorrow there's a friend's birthday barbie to look forward to and next weekend we've a family reunion picnic planned on Ashdown Forest where throngs of Dad's eccentric rellies are expected to pitch up, some of whom I've never met.  Can't wait!  

I heard this on the car radio this week and yodelled along with gusto, much to the amusement of other motorists.

Seventies magic, I love it.  I hope you'll indulge me.

Have a top weekend.