Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hove, actually.

I've been down to the South Coast this week to visit a friend.   He told me that Hove boasts no less than seventeen charity shops - although Siri said it was only ten!  Previously a devotee of Peacocks, I think I may have converted him to my thrifty chazza ways as he scored a pair of £3.50 trews. We meandered from chazza to chazza and also picked up this little lot along the way.

(70's?) melamine dishes.

(photobombed by a very nosy moggy)

                                  'Nana' jacket (according to my friend) £5

I liked this in the shop but not sure now. For some reason in this pic it looks squat and ginormous. Think it will look OK with jeans though and I'm going to change the button as in my opinion this one looks cheap.  When I went to pay, the lady said it was a BOGOF so I scoured the rails for another pleasing item and found this wraparound maxi skirt. Not an entirely sensible purchase as I haven't a bloody thing to go with it!  

On the way home we stumbled across Department which was right up my street and we both had a good old rummage which resulted in me parting with £7.50 for this charmante (60's?) French print which I love and is now taking pride of place in my hall. 

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Now for the big news.... drum roll please, I've finished the baby jumper (which is intended for a poor African child) that I started in March!  Before you judge me too harshly, I would just like to point out that this is my inaugaral knit.  Yes, there have been a few calamities along the way,  I've had to seek assistance from Jan over the road on more than one occasion but it does resemble the illustration on the pattern, now I've removed the cat hair. Knitting experts look away now...

I'm not sure I will start another project just yet as I've still got a long way to go with the crochet. Although I've made an abundance of granny squares they've yet to be crocheted together like this.  

Righto, I'm off to finish that pint of cider now, reckon I deserve it.


  1. Hi, just found your blog love it :0 Never been to Hove, we have 11 charity shops in our high street, (Felixstowe) I help out in one and I love it, all that treasure to sort though :)

  2. Enjoy your cider, enjoyed reading your post. Haven't been for a charity shop rummage for ages, supposed to be reducing processions. xx Flora

  3. Oh you DO deserve a cider! Or several. Since I am no knitter, anyone's achievements in that area look impressive to me, so well done!
    Hove sounds quite the charity shop mecca, love those kitsch dishes and the jacket - not Nana-ish at all, and I often think clothes look rubbish on a hanger but great on. The orange wraparound maxi is gorgeous, what a fab colour - any t-shirt or a knotted blouse would look great with it.
    Love those photobombing pussy cat paws! xxxxx

  4. Seventeen charity shops? I'm off to Hove!
    I know that view of Notre Dame so well as that street corner is the road that led to my road, just around the corner! Twenty two years ago. Wow. Time flies...
    The little jacket is lovely. And the baby jumper? A masterpiece if ever I saw one.
    Is the crochet going to be a scarf? I found a cool one in a charity shop and I love crocheted things but I can't do it myself. xx

  5. I am in love with your new jacket, i would have been skipping with joy finding that and i really admire your tenaciousness re the knitting. i keep trying and giving up, lost count of how many times over the last 12 years- the purple wools is gorgeous.
    great to have you linking in x

  6. I think we need to take Gilbert on a road trip (if he'd get that far)!
    I love that jacket and those trays and those Parisienne sketches are always worth getting.
    I'm in awe of your knitting/crochet. Have a cider for me! xxx

  7. I lOVE the jacket, Fiona - it's great. Do agree you should change the button though. Crochet squares looking good!

  8. The trays are gorgeous and I'm a huge fan of granny square scarves! Sarah xxx


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