Saturday, 29 December 2012

Post Pressies and Pud

Just thought I'd nip by to say that I hope you all had festive fun with family and friends over the last few days, the weather has been dismal but at least it did not affect our Christmas unlike so many poor souls in the West Country.

Christmas at work wasn't too bad and the company generously provided a ton of mince pies and Quality Street.  We opened our 'secret santa' gifts on xmas night, mine was a soap set and a box of chocolate dicks!!!

Boxing Day was spent at Dad's and twelve of us squashed around the table in the conservatory for a huge lunch. After which, we opened our pressies; here are a couple of mine.

I've been thinking about getting one of these for some time, and as NM kept asking what I'd like, this is what I suggested.  I need to get a recipe book before using it but I thought it would be perfect for using up all those manky odds and ends in the bottom of the fridge.

You may be seeing more of me in future as I also received one of these remote camera gizmo's for self-timer photography.  One thing that put me off taking shots of myself is all that fannying around with the self-timer, going to-and-fro like a dog at a fair. (as my Dad would say)   Hopefully this gadget will put and end to all that but I've yet to read the instructions!

Mum was in our thoughts and much missed this Christmas, especially poignant for me was eating the last Christmas Pud she made, in 2009.  Dad had laced it with even more brandy in the run up to xmas and as expected it was bloody lovely.  

Tomorrow I'm at my brother's for more family festivities with my aunt, uncle, cousins and baby, but looking forward to getting back to normal after that and scouring the chazza's and jumble sales for more bargains, hopefully.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Goddess...Not!

My goodness how time flies, it's nearly Christmas already.  I was up early today and down to the butchers to collect my order before the world ended at 1115 GMT, or whatever it was.  Fortunately I made it in time, you'd think that the fact the Mayans got it a bit wrong would spread peace, harmony and goodwill to all men....not in my butchers, where I overheard this exchange.

1st man (in a very sarky voice to customer who was already being served)                
" Oh do excuse ME for being first in the queue"
2nd man  " Um, no actually, I was before YOU"
1st man (after some thought)  " No you bloody weren't, I entered the shop ahead of you " 

Blimey, I thought it was going to result in fisticuffs so I grabbed my snags and fled.  Back home it was time to tackle my mince pies, two dozen of the bloody things today. I'd love to be one of those very capable women that can turn their hand to anything but let's face it...I'm not.  I do like to 'make' (I use that term loosely) my own mince pies though.

 "Make your own mincemeat Delia ?  You're having a 'giraffe'!"

Delia reckons that once you've made your own you'll never use shop bought again but,

 there's 932 ingredients in it, it takes hours to prepare and quite frankly....

.............I've got a life.  I'll stick to my method, thank you. 

I did try a bit of Nigella pouting and finger sucking, but instead of looking alluring and seductive somehow  I just looked like a half crazed housewife.

Then I crept to the fridge just like Nigella for a 'feast',  do you suppose she drinks Brown Ale too? 

I bet she floats around her bespoke kitchen in a couture creation, reeking of Shalimarnot wearing floury tracky bottoms like me!  Eeek, don't tell Vix!

By Jove! I think I've cracked it.


After all this baking, 

and present wrapping,

I think I deserve a rest.  I'm back to Gatters tomorrow and this weekend will be madness, a big 'aaaah' now please as I'm working nights Christmas Eve and Day, but it will be much quieter by then.

Happy Christmas one and all.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ring Out Those Solstice Bells

Yes, well I know I'm a couple of days early but what the heck, all around there is Christmasness, but not at my gaff.  I just can't be arsed this year as I will be working all of xmas and new year, it seems a bit pointless buying a tree, which'll drop everywhere and I always take it all down on Jan 1st anyway.  Yes, I know I sound like a right old misery but I'm not really, I quite like Christmas but just not at this house, this year.

To compensate for my Bah Humbug attitude I've taken some xmas snaps for December Photo-a-day.

Something on the floor

Something that makes you feel merry/happy

 (Xmas lights in the village)

Something beginning with S

(Simpson's Santa, isn't it hideous?)

I think the person who downloaded this video onto Youtube was dyslexic, nice to see Diddy David tho'!  Enjoy.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Light Me Up Put Me On Top

I'm still madly churning out xmas cards and thought I'd use the theme on this week's LIM challenge which is All In A Row for this latest one.  I'm a bit pressed for time today as I went for a 5 mile bike ride this morning and I need to get my head down shortly before I go in for my 12hr night shiftWhat I'm trying to say is, that this card won't win any prizes and in hindsight I wish I'd added some 'sky' but thought I'd blog it anywayThe inspiration behind it was Nan's brooch which usually makes an appearance at this time of year.

I used two Elusive Image Christmas tree stamps, sponged a 'snowy' landscape and added faux gems for the baubles, I tried gems on all trees but it just looked de trop.  The sentiment came from a Hero Arts set. 

Nan's brooch
It's been bloody freezing recently and I felt so sorry for these poor ducks that I saw the other day.

I haven't put up my Christmas tree or any decorations yet, I usually wait until about a week before.  What do you do ?

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Holly Bears The Crown

Now the craft fair is over I'm maniacally making xmas cards and here's one that fits the theme for this weeks LIM challenge, RED and GREEN.

I used a holly stamp produced by my bloggy friend, the mega-talented 
Chris Dark which was inked up with Olympia Green Versafine.  I cut out the individual leaves shaped them with a ball tool and applied the merest hint of Stickles to a few leaves.  Next I punched out a few red circles and applied Glossy Accents for the berries and once dry arranged the lot in the corner of the panel.  The red sentiment is by SU.  When I had the idea for this card there were no similar entries but whilst waiting for the G.A. to dry, another holly card appeared with a similar layout. What is it they say about great minds..?  I'm also linking to Creative Inspirations where the theme is Traditional Christmas Colours.

A couple of you know that I had a mini-makeover last week when I used a beauty voucher given to me by my colleagues for my birthday in the summer.  I had a French manicure and individual falsh lashes applied.  I did briefly wonder if I was a bit too long in the tooth at 50 for such fripperies as lashes but then I thought 'nah, bollocks', but when I saw the results I did feel like this for a little while. 


Don't think I will be having them again as they normally cost sixty quid a go and I had to lie still for two and a half hours, but almost a week on I quite like them and there's no need for mascara.

(not brave enough to let you see any more, sans make-up)

And how about my posh digits, they never look like this normally!  

I've an action packed day ahead of me involving ink, card, double sided tape
and a trip to the vet's as Prudy's jabs are due.

 (artwork on filthy windows courtesy of NM)

 Must dash!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fair-ly Disappointing

...was my verdict on the attendance of yesterday's Craft FairIt was a lovely day weather wise, no rain to put off the punters, but due to a severe lack of advertising in the village the crowds just weren't there.  My table was groaning under the weight of all my goodies but I came home with a lot unsold.

 (......it's a dibber!!!)
However, on a positive note I did make £112 plus whatever is in the collecting tin for St Catherine's and the remaining stock is going to be taken to work by my brother and SIL to hopefully generate more sales.

 In true 'Oscar' style I would like to thank the following people whose lovely contributions to my table were very gratefully received.  Eunice, who made delightful decorations and bookmarks and Sue who produced gorgeous gift tags.  My Dad also helped by knocking out lots of wooden bits and pieces down the shed on his fancy lathe, my auntie donated several jars of chutney and marmalade and my parents' friend Jean knitted the fabulous bags.  Thank you all. 

Last night after all the 'fun' of the fair, the village christmas lights were switched on.  No celebs here I'm afraid, just the chairman of the Residents AssociationDad booked a table in the local boozer and we all went down for a feed and joined in the festivities which included free fairground rides for the kids,

(I rather like this arty shot)

and a game of 'guess what the bloke outside is singing' for the adults!

You'd think I'd be putting my feet up tonight after months of crafting but no, I've got to start making my xmas cards now.  I know how to live, eh!

What have you been doing this weekend ?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

You Know How Bad Girls Get

My latest makes for the upcoming craft fair are these Post-It Note holders,  I made these last year, flogged them for £1 and sold out.  I market them as 'ideal end of term gifts for teacher'. When did all that nonsense start anyway, we never had it in my day. 


 My worst 'lines' punishment was 500, from Mr Keech in Biology when I was about twelve.  He caught me holding a newspaper clip,  (which had just been passed to me by Mandy Dickson) of David Essex in his Y-Fronts!  It was a photo from his latest film, either That'll be the Day or Stardust I can't remember which.  I was most affronted that he took this punitive stance when I merely accepted something that had been passed to me, Mandy Dickson got off scott-free! 


Why do all these teenage girls go mad for Harry Styles nowadays? It's beyond me, he looks like a little boy.  At least David Essex's balls had dropped when he became a pop star 
Rock On !

Linking to Lakota's Ta Dah Tuesday 

ttfn xx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

You're Gonna Find Me, Out In The Country

I've been away for a couple of days over at NM's and this morning in his little hamlet an 'Autumn Adventure of Foraging and Orienteering' had been organised. It was a stunning, crisp day and after all the grey, gloomy weather of late, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise so we donned our woolies and wellies and off we set. 

The starting point was NM's pub, which fortunately was not yet open.


The scenery was spectacular and the children, their families and especially the dogs had a superb morning chasing about the countryside.

Chalky was in his element.......

 .............and there was plenty of livestock to observe.

It was a treat to explore the autumnal colour and a veritable feast for the eyes.  I just loved having a nosy at all the grand properties we walked past, owned by the many affluent people in the area whilst NM gave me a running commentary of who lived where and who was the biggest w**ker!  
Our walk concluded back at the pub garden where we were treated to tasty hot dogs and warming  butternut squash soup, all washed down with a pint of cider of course! 

Home again, home again jiggedy jig and it's more crafting and the Strictly results show for me tonight, how about you ?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ollie Beak

Sorry Pam Mc, but it's more crafts for my stall I'm afraidI haven't had any time lately for chazzin' and today I've been busy with a needle.  Sewing is not my forte but last week I was inspired by the fabularse owl made by Kylie which lovely Curtise featured here.  I remembered that somewhere stashed away I had a pattern saved from a magazine which looked relatively easy, even for a novice like me. So armed with some leftover curtain fabric and oddments of felt from my stash I ran this up on my Frister & Rossman. 

Coincidentally he fits today's brief at November photo-a-day - Man-made

I'm linking Ollie to Lakota's Ta Dah Tuesday.

Never fear readers I will be back with more chazza tat finds once the craft fair is over, in the meantime, thanks for sticking with me.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Natty Notebooks

I've been holed up in my craft room lately and yesterday I was busy transforming some Poundland notebooks for the forthcoming village craft fair.

Bought like this, 10 for £1........


they now look like this and I'm linking them to Lakota's Ta Dah Tuesday.

I also made a chocolate fudge cake as I've had visitors today and I'm pleased to say it went down very well.

I've got a quiet evening ahead with more crafting and 'Strictly'.
 Hope you're having a good weekend. x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pink Christmas

It's Saturday again and that means LIM time.  I was recently lucky enough to win a Ribbon Girl prize with this challenge and I'm looking forward to receiving my goodies shortly. Thanks so much Mandi and Chrissie!  This week the challenge is PINK, not a colour I use a lot and one I never would think to use for a christmas card, preferring the more traditional colours, but hey I'm behind again (as ever) so I gave it a go. 

I used Paula Pascual bauble stamps with Versamark on pink card (the design is more noticeable IRL) and punched out the design.  The strings were hand drawn and the baubles embellished with some silver flat backed beads.  My new SU sentiment set provided the perfect greeting stamped in Versafine Smoky Grey and a pink bow from my stash completed the look. I'm also linking this card to a challenge I've just found, In the Pink where the theme is Keep it Clean & Simple.

I've had a busy few days off and have been back to Worthing again this week to see Skyfall which I thoroughly enjoyed. (Daniel Craig's quite easy on the eye isn't he?)   The delightful Dome cinema which opened in 1911 has many of it's original features and I particularly love the ticket booth with its wood panelling and brass ticket slots.

 There is also a lovely bar and you are able to take your drinks into the auditorium,.... no plastic glasses either!  How very civilised.  After the film we went for a lovely Italian meal at Casa Ciro's just a few doors down. 

To round off here are a few photo's for November photo-a-day.

Something beginning with 'C' - Chalky



Gotta get on with more making for the craft fair now, what are you doing this weekend ?