Monday, 17 August 2015


I've been a slack blogger lately, there's no two ways about it. It's been a bit hectic with one thing or the other.  Last weekend I planned to do a car boot sale, I loaded up the car with all my tat (actually, mostly dad's which I made him get rid of!) then the bloody car wouldn't start so my plans were scuppered.  One week and a new starter motor later I got to the car boot.

Lots of sellers, lots of buyers, but not many sales, my loss will be the chazza's gain.

    I realized this week that I hadn't shown you my French buys d'occasion.  I revisited lovely Thierry at his Brocante in Corpe, he was just as affable and welcoming as last year although this time I only made a couple of purchases and found myself apologizing for not buying more.  Here's what came home with me.
  cat and glass jug €5

Back home I found a vintage floral sheet in A1 condition for £3

God knows what I'll do with it, after my skirt sewing experience last year I am not keen to make another garment but perhaps I could knock up some cushion covers, what thinks you? 
Another recent bargain although not second-hand was this cheerful Aldi doormat, a no-brainer at three quid something. 

I've been having a bit of a clear out at home, hence the car boot but there's always room for a crocheted bit of nonsense strung across the fireplace isn't there?

I was inspired to make this daisy garland after seeing the gorgeous one Kate Eastwood made here.  Hers is far more profesh than mine, my daisies are slightly different and I reinforced my chain with slipstitches. I used cheapo yarn from my stash as I wasn't sure if I would understand the pattern but the garland would deffo benefit from some quality cotton yarn so I might attempt another one next year.

I'm currently engaged in knitting... looking ahead to the dreaded thing that happens at the end of the year.

As soon as the sun appears I'm out there with my needles, I even got a few rows in at the car boot fair.
I've also been out on the bike when I can, trying to shift a few pounds and making the most of the last days of summer...

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted some cards on the mantelpiece above my garland.  I had a  birthday last week and at the weekend I went to the local Italian with family.

Just as I was en route to the loo a waitress appeared with a candle-adorned offering. I was summoned back to the table where staff clutching tambourines assembled around and sang me Happy Birthday.  I had a gob full of profiterole when this photo was taken!

This was No.1 in the hit parade the week I was born.........yeah I'm that old!.