Tuesday, 13 October 2015


..............there hasn't been a great deal to blog about.  September was on the whole, uneventful and I feel uneasy blogging about my mundane life. Seriously, how interesting can one make a dental check-up and a performance review at work, sound?
  But I am aware that I've neglected my blog recently so here are the highlights from the last few weeks.
Prepare to be underwhelmed.

At the start of the month I visited Ardingly Antiques Fair with my Stitch n Bitch friend Juliette.
......she's camera shy, so there are no photos of us!

 I wasn't after anything in particular but Juliette had her eyes peeled for a wooden ironing board and after about two hours of fruitless searching we came across several in the space of minutes. There was taxidermy galore and of course the ubiquitous deer heads/skulls on plaques.  I didn't find anything that caught my eye or suited my pocket until we were on our way back to the car park when I saw a lady packing up her stock.... among it was this battered old trolley. I shelled out nine quid, cos its perfect for my craft room which, ironically, hasn't seen much action at all this year!

After a thorough clean and labelling of drawers it is now providing some semblance of order to my rubber stamp collection.

Later in September I caught up with another friend Deb, who invited me for drinks on the terrace followed by a lovely lunch... and there started a very interesting conversation indeed.

 ...and lastly at the beginning of this month it was my brother Stu's 50th birthday and there was a big bash round at his house, fortunately just a 5 minute walk from mine.

Although he looks a bit worse for wear in this snap he wasn't that sloshed at all.

And what about that conversation I mentioned earlier?
Well, it has led to a little adventure which I shall be embarking upon soon, and hopefully, if I return unscathed I'll tell you all about it next time.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

September Scavenger Hunt

I'm fashionably late for this month's collection as I've been occupied with other things, so much so I haven't blogged for a month!  Do forgive me, I am hoping normal service will be resumed soon.

September's List


What a tangled web we weave........ahem.


 The bike in the foreground looks as though it could be a tad uncomfortable !


 Nets protect the strawberries from being scoffed by greedy critters.


A £3 bunch from Aldi, still beautiful 10 days after purchase.


The best I could do!


Impending excitement!


So many possibilities for this category and I came up with this!


Computer games have this effect on my nephew!


The flap of this envelope...decorated by rubber stamps at a craft show


 I regularly cycle through farmland on my bike rides and shot this wheat field earlier this year.
Google suggests it is dreamy. 



I took this on a beautiful day in the summer....remember that?

Whatever you want

Pea green

Do head over to Made With Love where you can see the other entries and prompts for October and why not have a go yourself?.......Yes Géraldine, I think you should!