Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Scavenger Hunt - February

It's been a less than exciting month here in West Sussex but nevertheless I have managed to cobble together a collection of snaps for Scavenger Hunt.  Some were taken especially for the challenge but as usual I failed to get them all (I'm blaming the weather) and so a few have been selected from my archives.


This green and pleasant land...a local view taken last summer.


I saw these abandoned plimsolls in the stairwell of a multi-storey car park and thought they looked incongruous.  Who left them there and why?  They appeared to be brand new. 

This Mercedes was in Aldi's car park (seems to be a theme going on here!)
I love vintage cars and thought this one was especially cool.

Somewhere you went

 Whilst staying with my aunt last month we popped in to Eastwell Manor, Ashford, Kent for coffee and relaxed with it in this lovely wood panelled lounge.


 A smart-phone shot of a neighbour's fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night


From a low angle

 Taken at Hastings last year

On the shelf



Mes devoirs...mistakes an' all


 Dad checking out a re-purposed phone box in Leigh, Surrey


 Three gerberas lined up on the mantelpiece.  Their long stems had bent so I cut them short and displayed them in these small stone bottles.


 Bike racks at St Gilles Croix de Vie, France

I have a week off work now so I'm hoping the weather will improve and I will be able to make a start on March's list which you can find here.  Big thanks to Greenthumb as usual for hosting my favourite photo challenge...why not pop over and see the other entrants fab interpretations. 


  1. Loving all of your photos, particularly shape and from a low angle. Your 'on the shelf' made me laugh :)

  2. Lovely pictures! I was in Hastings last year too, exactly the same spot actually! We really loved it there.
    Mirjam xx

  3. What a lovely collection of photos, I did struggle too to get all the photos from February, short month and bad weather..!
    Amanda xx

  4. The cool car , the frame pic , the fireworks up in the sky, you on the shelf ;) all great interpretations! X

  5. Gorgeous you, fab Dad, sexy Merc, great specs and very intriguing espadrilles! xxx

  6. A super selection of photos :) I can see why the car caught your eye! Looks like elegant surroundings at at the Manor. Sweet photo of you 'on the shelf' ;) I have noticed plastic straws on gerbera flowers here to keep them upright, but your method works well, too!

  7. An interesting set of photos for the scavenger hunt. The abandoned plimsolls are intriguing as is the phone box. I want to take a look inside!

  8. Intriguing shoes. Maybe the person was taken up in The Rapture? I'm in rapture over that Mercedes - lovely color, and convertible and all. I love the bike rack and the gerberas, and your self-deprecating On the Shelf!

    I haven't seen Amazing Spaces, but when we get back in the UK I'll be sure to watch it, if it's still on.

  9. Super photos and interpretations. The shoes are a mystery aren't they? Love shape, line and frame and the car is a lovely colour:)

  10. I love that car and your specs and your on the shelf made me smile - surely not! Great selection of pics.
    Fil @ Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  11. I love your photos, the treasure hunt sure is fun. You are so not on the shelf!!

  12. Great choices - love the shapes one especially.

  13. Weird about the shoes! Must be a story there. Also love classic cars, and that one's a beauty - way more appealing than any flashy new motor. Hugely impressed with your homework and fab firework shot, perfectly timed! Lovely you too xx

  14. It was so lovely to see those green fields - so near and yet so far! Love frame, shape and your French homework too! x

  15. Loved them and the plimsoles made me laugh, how bizarre! I enjoyed your other two posts since I was last here too, I've been using the Lacura creams for a while and like them but haven't tried the micellar water yet, that'll be next on the list. xx

  16. I spy with my little eye something beginning with S. Subjunctive! C'est tres impressionnant que tu fais des devoirs! I always love to see a picture of you and you're looking a bit Frenchie yourself in that t-shirt. My ancient Nissan Micra is dying, so I'll have that Mercedes, thank you! Xxx

  17. On the shelf, my arse! Look at you, you're a fabulous woman!
    As always, your photos are wonderful, Fiona - love the view, the abandoned plimsolls, that huge fireplace, the fireworks, your homework (clever girl!) and those cool bike racks. You've got The Eye, for sure! xxx

  18. I love vintage cars as well. It is wonderful that you can still see them around. And how pretty you look, Fiona.

  19. Wonderful picture of Eastwell Manor. Could be from a brochure. It looks like my kind of place. xx


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