Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday Photo

Last Wednesday was such a beautiful day that it prompted me to get some fresh air, and armed with camera, I took a stroll along the the Worth Way.  Now a seven mile footpath and bridleway which passes through my Sussex village, this corridor of outstanding natural beauty was formerly the route of a railway track which fell victim to the Beeching Cuts in the sixties.  Now it provides a wonderful environment for wildlife; I've glimpsed woodpeckers and a kingfisher down this leafy lane and during springtime the banks are smothered with primroses, cowslips and bluebells.  The trees are particularly beautiful at this time of year and thanks to the sun, provided a golden canopy to walk beneath.  

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Bake, Make and Quake!

It's been one of those uneventful weeks chez moi, but I feel happy that a few domestic jobs have finally been completed. The man with chainsaw has been and my hedge is now a shadow of its former self, paperwork has been attended to and a declutter commenced, I feel that I'm making headway.

   Last week I met a friend for lunch in East Grinstead and as I was early I managed to shoot into a few chazzas...it's been a while!  Unfortunately, although I saw a gorgeous vintage M&S mohair and wool jacket in mint condition, it had three quarter length sleeves which I don't like in coats so I left it on the rails.  I did find these pottery plates marked at 4 for £3...(there were 5) and I thought they'd be a welcome addition at the van in France, I also bought some £1 barbecue utensils.

Back at home I baked this Weight Watchers Tea Bread, it's become a firm favourite and is very quick to knock up with ingredients most of us have in the cupboard.

I also got back to my craft room. (does anyone even remember that this blog was formed to chronicle my papercraft creations? Over the years it's gone off topic somewhat, as I've been sidetracked by other interests.)   A while back I read a craft magazine featuring an article on air dried clay ornaments and thought I'd have a bash.  With the aid of a cookie cutter come printing set scored in a charity shop last year, I knocked up these rustic looking specimens.  I learned that the clay dries fast and wrinkles easily, so later attempts were kept moist with a few drops of water.  No doubt there are Youtube tutorials but impatient me just pressed on with it regardless.

I also made these easy wedge shaped gift boxes and filled them with truffles....

...and two boxes of mini greetings cards.

Both of the above are gifts for a couple of friends, the three of us meet a few times a year and it has become tradition to exchange small home made gifts as we are all of a crafty bent. We're off to the pub this lunchtime actually, no doubt we'll be discussing the big news..... I'm trying to remain hopeful, but that famous line from The Fly keeps entering my head. 

Wherever you are, enjoy your weekend.