Friday, 2 June 2017

Five On Friday

It's Friday again so I'm linking up with Tricky Wolf at FASTblog with five random things about my week so far.


 Regular readers may remember a while ago that I purchased a salwar kameez in preparation for the walima of a colleague.  Here I am in the staff car park (not exactly looking my best after a 12 hour shift and a rub down with a wet wipe) before heading off to the celebrations.  We were treated to a fabulous selection of curries and a breathtaking display of Bhangra dancing.

New Shoes!

I've bought some much needed every day new sandals.  Due to my awful bunions which I am rather conscious about, I look for a soft design that cover and hopefully disguise them.  Now I'm wondering if they are frumpy?  Sod it I don't care, they are comfy and I can't be arsed with heels anymore.

Poor Service

Image result for penstemon

At the beginning of April I saw some plants advertised in a magazine and duly sent off for them as they seemed a good deal.  Hah!  Was I naive in expecting my order to be despatched promptly?  After four weeks I hadn't heard a word and wondered if my order had even reached the company.  Around that time I received my bank statement which confirmed that the cheque sent, had still not been banked.  A few days later I had cause to phone my bank and so also enquired whether my cheque had been presented yet.  The bank confirmed that it had.  By this time, (four weeks after my order was sent) the company had sent me a promotional catalogue but still no word about my order. 
 I called their head office.
The employee I spoke with told me that I would not be receiving my order until the end of June as the penstemons had been very popular and were out of stock. The tone in which this information was relayed was as though I should have expected this and no apology was offered at all.  I pointed out that if there was going to be a significant delay in processing orders, perhaps it would be good practice to let customers know, especially as by now, more than a month after my order was placed, they had managed to send two of their catalogues but still not a word about my order!  
Suffice to say, I will not be ordering from Hayloft Plants again.
What do you think?  Were my expectations too high or do you agree and think the service was poor?  In the end my plants arrived a couple of days ago....with two more bloody catalogues! 

Another Furry Foster Friend

I have another feline visitor!  
 Norman, a friendly chap with FIV has come to stay for a while until he finds a new owner. He eats like a horse, makes a funny mouse-like squeak and has an incredibly smelly backside.


I've knocked up another mini cat blanket for the Cats Protection which makes three now.... that wool stash is seriously diminishing.. 

 For some reason my camera has turned cerise pink into bright red!

New Crochet Project

On the subject of blankets...I've finally started on a crochet blanket for my van in France.  I bought the yarn a while back in the Wool Warehouse sale and had better get cracking, I want to take it with me when I drive to Pays de la Loire at the end of July.

I always have the radio on in the car and whilst driving around Vendée three weeks ago, I heard this on Nolstalgie, a station which plays golden oldies. It's been playing inside my head ever since my return. 
 Who, like me, is old enough to remember it?