Thursday, 29 March 2018

Scavenger Hunt - March

I haven't posted for a while, life hasn't been terribly interesting and the weather's been crap, which limits one's activities somewhat.  I don't know about you but I will be so glad to see the back of this winter...yeah, I know it's spring now but this week we had rain, sleet, snow and hail all in one day!  I was hoping to get out in the garden ...but no chance.

However I don't like to miss the Scavenger Hunt hosted by Hawthorn so have cobbled together a few shots for this month's prompts.  Check out other participants HERE.

The mint with the Hole


You must be fed up with seeing these knitted/crocheted cat blankets, knocked up from stash oddments for Cats Protection.  The feline recipient of this latest project will need Foster Grants!

Reading now

 I recently started this book as part of my French studies....oh la la, I think my tutor over- estimated my abilities.  The story's two central characters are Renée 54 and Paloma 12.  Renée, concierge of a beautiful hotel for the last twenty seven years is widowed, petite, podgy and ugly.  She has bunions and 'mammoth' breath.  She did not study, has always been poor, discreet and insignificant, she lives alone with a big lazy cat.  Mmm, I see some parallels between us!  I haven't got to the part about Paloma yet and I imagine the book's title is a metaphor referring to the main character. (hèrisson - hedgehog) 
I reckon I'll still be struggling with this at Christmas.

I've also been tittering over Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman. 

Black and white

 Pickle, my most recent foster cat who left me yesterday for her new forever home.

Starts with an ... H

Hellebores from the garden.

My own choice

 This family shot circa 1967 always makes me smile.
As usual my brother was grizzling and I had pinched mum's jumper...nothing's changed I'm still a cold mortal, but nowadays I sport a better haircut!  I can still remember the taste of those ambrosial Cornish ice cream blocks, can't recall where the beach was, but judging by all those pebbles it was probably local in Sussex. 

Sorry for being a slack blogger lately, winter always gets me down and this one seems to have been particularly long, I'm looking forward to lighter days and (hopefully) sunshine soon.

For those of you lucky enough not to be working this weekend, I wish you a happy Easter.