Sunday, 29 April 2018

Scavenger Hunt - April

Ooops!  The last few days in April ran away with me and so I'm fashionably late for the Scavenger Hunt.  It seems that I'm only popping into blogland for this challenge at present but as I've said before, it's been dullsville hereabouts. That's my fault as I'm all too aware, but I'm hoping now that spring has sprung I'll be tempted to get out and about.


I noticed this rotting tree stump along the Worth Way, once upon a time the Crawley to East Grinstead railway line, now a local track popular with dog walkers and cyclists.


Here I am at quite possibly the most famous rock in the world. This snap was taken during my four month solo backpacking adventure around Australia in 1991. 


 No prizes for guessing which fashion store window this letter was adorning.


 Boring as hell, right?  Not to me....this is the current balance of my mortgage.  Woop woop!


This scavenger hunt malarkey is proving hazardous to my waistline.
 I spied this Swiss roll in the Co-op and having failed to come up with anything else for this prompt, shoved it in my basket.

Own Choice

Meet Simon, my current foster cat.  Not only is he beautiful, he is also the sweetest natured moggy.... can you tell that I'm quite smitten with him?    He's rather a big boy, in fact he was a massive 9.5kgs when he first came into care but with a restricted diet he's now down to 7.9 although there's still a way to go.  He's getting more active by the day...and as you can see, has fully checked out all the facilities at his latest lodgings.

Thanks for bearing with me during this blogger's block.... I'm aiming to be back soon, meanwhile I'm off to look at other Scavenger participants, you can find them HERE.