Thursday, 31 May 2018

Ame Câline and other French tunes

I don't know where my love of music comes from but if I were to guess I'd say from my mother.  During my childhood she often played her classical LPs at the weekend while cooking the Sunday roast and during the week the radio (or wireless as it was back then) was always on in the background, Mum singing along to it.  So when my clock radio woke me at 0400 recently, playing this tune I instantly recognized it even though I'd not heard it for decades.

I had no idea who recorded it so googled it and was surprised to discover that although this cover is by Raymond LeFevre it was written and originally recorded (as Ame Câline) by Michel Polnareff, a huge star in France but unknown here in the UK.

 When I'm at home during the day the radio is usually on, it's the same when I'm at my holiday home in France, as soon as I arrive I tune in to my favourite station... Nostalgie.  This has led me to discover French music and made me wonder why it's not played more in the UK.  You're probably thinking that it's obvious, most of us cannot understand it!  But in France, the radio stations play music from plenty of Anglophone countries, do the françaises understand all English lyrics...of course not! And let's be honest here, who understands all lyrics anyway... even if they are in your own language?  I'm certainly guilty of singing my own 'alternative' versions.

Most of us of a certain age will remember French singers of the sixties and seventies... back then they were played on UK radio stations, probably because they also recorded in English.

Sacha Distel was so dreamy!

Maurice Chevalier thanked heaven for little girls

Aznavour's ballad She is one of my favourite tunes.

Monsieur Bécaud gave us all Love and Understanding

while pogoing Plastic Bertrand told us it was OK for him, although actually he's Belgian...but he sang in French.

In the eighties it was Joe Le Taxi that we heard about in Vanessa Paradis' breathy voice

But recently, I can only recall one French artist being played on UK radio...Christine & The Queens. 
Perhaps you know different?

As I cross the channel several times a year now I'm getting more and more familiar with the big names in music.  Two French music legends, Johnny Hallyday and France Gall passed away recently after being stalwarts of the French charts for decades.

Early in her career, France Gall represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  Shortly after her performance she was dumped by her boyfriend Claude François, another massive star of the time but then bravely returned to the stage to perform her winning song once more.   Claude François wrote Comme D'Habitude about his relationship with Gall which was later recorded as My Way by Frank Sinatra.

  A favourite of mine are Indochine, their sound very redolent of the era, the eighties.
I like to turn up the volume and prance around the van to this one, with a glass in my hand naturellement!

Do you listen to music in another language?  I'd love to know.




Thursday, 24 May 2018

Scavenger Hunt - May

Another post cobbled together at the eleventh hour this month.  Sound familiar?
There were some tricky prompts for May so it will be interesting to see the other interpretations. These are mine.


After checking the departures board constantly and waiting for my gate number to appear last week on my trip back from Vendée, I suddenly heard an annoucement in French for 'spiddy budding à Londres Gatwick' indicating that boarding for my flight had commenced and the screen I was watching was obviously not updating! At this point, I hurtled from the departure lounge, past the mile long queue for passport control, muttering 'excusez-moi messieurs,dames' whilst pushing in at the head of the queue, where I encountered other passengers who'd experienced the same problem. I arrived at the gate in the nick of time.  Phew, disaster averted this time....I was due at work just fifteen hours later.


A dreadful, out of focus pistache ice cream taken on my mobile in France last week is the best I can do this month.

Another one taken in France last year at Maché's Fête de la Caille.  (Quail Festival)
The adorable little boy was the bandmaster's son and only five years old.  The MC announced him at the end of the routine, he'd truly mastered the maracas and kept in perfect rhythm with the rest of the band.


 The lock at Shoreham harbour, West Sussex



My own choice

 I recently went to visit my friend in Brighton and as I passed this house a few doors down from her, I did a double take!  I  can't understand why it's never attracted my attention before!  My personal favourite is the colander-wearing ape clutching a tambourineI wonder what the neighbours think?

Thanks for popping by, you can see other entrants over at I live, I love, I craft.
Big thanks as ever to Kate for hosting the challenge and for those in the UK, have a great Bank Holiday weekend.