Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Three Snaps and Two Cracks

A few more snaps for the June photo-a-day challenge. 


from a low angle



Changing the subject now, I spotted a couple of 'celebs' at Gatters last week.  Firstly Ms Kirsty Wark, her of 'Newsnight' and secondly Mr Peter Stringfellow.  Unfortunately after seeing the latter I could not get this image out of my mind.

Yeeeuch!  What were they thinking ???

I've got three night shifts now so I'll see you on the other side.

TFL. xxx


  1. Aaargh! How could you do that Fiona?! I was just enjoying your gorgeous photographs when P. Stringy's bottom appeared - I feel sullied! Vicky x

  2. You've put me off my tea now!! That is just hideous, there's very few people who can carry off a thong and he's not one of them!!
    Love the grand door and the tree though! x

  3. Oh that tree shot is heavenly. And then you had to spoil it all by showing us Pete's bum crack. Sheffield's finest? I'd rather see Jarvis'! xxxxx

  4. Smashing pics Fiona but I'm not too sure sure about the last one. Men just shouldn't wear thongs, it's not nice at all!
    Sally x

  5. Fab photos except for the last one! Not an image I want in my head! lol! xxx

  6. The tree is gorgeous but I could have done without those saggy arses! Luckily for me, I am blissfully ignorant of who they belong to! Sarah xxx


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