Monday, 11 February 2013

Cold Cuckfield and a Card

Not had a chance to blog lately but I'm back this morning with a very quick card for this weeks LIM theme, MUSIC (one layer).  This was somewhat of a challenge as I only have one small music stamp and mojo seems to have deserted me, however this is what I came up with. I'm also linking to Simplicity's OLW where the theme is One Neglected Colour, I very rarely use orange.

As you can see, this is not one of my better cards but hey you can't be fabulous all the time and I'm short of time today. (The photo is sub-standard also, it's snowing currently and very grey outside.)  I  punched a flower from a Post-it and sponged through the aperture with Dried Marigold DI and then overstamped with my ancient one and only music stamp.  I added the SU ivy by placing  the punched out flower post-it and using it as a mask.  The badly stamped sentiment is by Penny Black, oh well I'll just have to send this one to someone whose eyesight is not too good!

The weather has been crappy lately so I've hardly taken any photo's this year but last week we did have one lovely day where the sun actually made an appearance so I grabbed the opportunity and got out there.  We just went to the nearby pretty village of Cuckfield where I captured these shots.

We took a walk through the churchyard of Holy Trinity, the parish church where I once endured the most interminable christening.

It was this time of year and one of those affairs where there are several babies to be baptised in one service which went on forever.  After the christenings the vicar then launched into Holy Communion and droned on for an hour praying for just about everyone in West Sussex individually, it seemed. He then suggested the 'happy clappy' nonsense that we should hug the person next to us...yuk, no thanks mate. The Church was baltic and my arse was frozen to the hard, icy pew by this time.  So after hearing more prayers for the Bishop of Chichester who was about to retire and poor Gladys from the village who had gone to meet her maker the previous week I decided to make a hasty exit before I was next to die, from hypothermia !!

I hope my friend forgave me for giving the 'do' afterwards to celebrate her little boy's baptism, a miss. I was just so perishing cold I had to go home and thaw out.

Poor Sarah, it sounds like she had a hard life but at least she was appreciated.

Wasn't permitted to lunch here as it doesn't serve the right beer!  Instead we went to another freezing cold establishment where the punters had coats over their laps to keep warm.  What is it about Cuckfield ?

On the night shift tonight but I'll be back soon to show you last week's chazza finds.




  1. I think your card is gorgeous! What are you talking about? I like the light printing of the message.
    Cuckfield looks very sweet. I think my cousin lives there...
    Looking forward to your chazzing finds! x

  2. Grim weather here, too. I was quite excited this morning as it started off freezing but sunny and blue sky, however by the time I'd done the housework and thought about going out for a walk, it was grey and miserable again. Hurry up, spring!

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  4. Love the swathe of musical flowers and leaves. You could always rescue it by adding another sentiment on a mat - I'm sure someone would be really pleased to receive it!!

  5. That card is gorgeous, I like the faded words, I thought it was deliberate!
    Poor Sarah, I'd rather go now than live for fifty years sober and honest!
    I've got to go to a Christening at the end of the month and I'm not exactly relishing it. Babies & religion aren't top of my favourites list! xxx

  6. Fiona

    You do make me laugh I remember you telling me about that christening. You should get a job as a stand up comic you would have them rolling in the aisles.


  7. The card is really pretty, Fiona! You are your own worst critic, you need some of my slapdash pills.
    Your description of the christening made me chuckle, it sounded dreadful. I have only ever been to two (my nieces, I kind of had to) for which I am grateful.
    I wonder who Sarah Tulet was? Living a life of fidelity and honesty I might just about manage, but not the sobriety!
    Cuckfield (I am resisting all urges to be rude and Carry On here, aren't you proud of me?) looks very sweet, even if it is also very cold. xxxx

  8. Beautiful card Fiona, that musical reference is really subtle... super job!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  9. I think your card is very pretty. Look forward to seeing the charity shop buys. I bought a beautiful chair on Thursday for £25 - would have cost well over £100 new and it looks great in my bedroom.
    Pam x

  10. beautiful card, fiona... the masking is fantastic!!

  11. I know just what you mean about the happy clappy type Christenings. My nephew's Christening was performed by a vicar wearing a rainbow coloured scarf-thingy over his surplice (I'm sure the scarf-thingy has a technical religious name but I don't know what it is.) It was a very odd multiple baptism and not what we had been led to believe. Any church that wants me to hug the person next to me is a definite no-no as far as I'm concerned. For goodness sake, we are English!!!!


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