Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cabinet Reshuffle

Well finally it's done.  My £20 tatty yew veneered cupboard has been sugar soaped, sanded, primed, painted, distressed and now it's ready for it's big reveal.  Remember how it used to look ?

and here it is now!

Yeah I know what you're thinking, you liked it better before, right? 
 But seriously, it was quite scratched and shabby.
I have to say it's turned out a lot better than I thought it wouldI'm no Emma Kate  but her sound advice produced such great results I think I might attempt this again. My total spend on this project after the initial outlay was £3 for some sandpaper,  I already had primer and half a tin of Farrow & Ball eggshell which I decided to use in the spirit of Make Do & Mend.  It seemed daft to spend out on paint for such an inexpensive piece.   Of course it did help that we've had great weather lately and I could paint outside so drying time and the whiff factor was minimal.  

(On closer inspection I think the drawers may need a smidge more distress treatment)

Once I lined the base and shelf with a wallpaper 'sample' I was ready to fill it with seldom used crockery (you know the sort) and thereby restore order in my kitchen cabinets which until now had been stuffed to the gunwales and in desperate need of reorganisation.

I'm thinking this shelf which I bought about twenty years ago could look good on the wall above it and there should be just enough paint left.  It could be my next project...?

Here in the South East the weather continues to be scorching although I was working over the weekend and since then I have totally lost my voice and developed a streaming cold!  I've been feeling somewhat 'bleugh' of late and apologise for not getting round to see you all lately, something I hope to remedy soon.  Never mind, I'm determined to make the most of this fine spell and hope it continues till next weekend when I'll be off to the Ruby Wedding celebrations of my aunt and uncle.  For the occasion I have splashed out £5 on a new frock from Dr Barnado's which I'm rather bloody pleased with, especially as I was in a tearing hurry to get back to the car before the parking ticket expired. From grabbing it off the rail, trying it on, wondering if it made my arse look big and listening to an old lady telling me it was 'made for you, dear' must have taken five minutes tops. I'll show it to you soon as currently it's languishing in a three foot pile of ironing! 

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 Hope the sun is shining where you are.




  1. I love it! It's so much fresher and brighter and a huge improvement on the shiny orange. Great job Fiona! This is addictive though! You'll be scrutinising all your furniture now...xxx

  2. P.S. I have a five foot ironing pile. Far too hot to iron. And that little shelf will look perfect. What F&B colour is it? xx

  3. I can't face ironing either. But I insist you show us the dress!
    Lovely job on the cabinet, I bet Emma Kate would distress it even more (you know all about her milk paint love!) The cut-out shape at the bottom is really pretty, and seems to stand out more now it's white. And yes, the shelves would look great done to match, so that's definitely your next job!
    Hope you feel better soon, Fiona - and I just knew you would sing along with ELO! xxxxx

  4. Love it Fiona, what a brilliant job you did on it. xx

  5. No I did not like it better before! It looks much, MUCH nicer now! You did a fabulous job Fiona, now get on to those shelves - they're crying out for a dab of paint (in my opinion) x

  6. I like it better now, the shape of the cabinet is defined much more clearly and it looks simpler and lighter and altogether a real success. Yes, do the shelves next! Let's see them soon :) Can't believe I said that, it takes me forever to get around to things... xx

  7. I love the cabinet, it's much prettier now and I'd be delighted to have such a pretty thing in my house!
    Show us your frock, go on! x

  8. You sure did spruce up that cabinet! Awesome!

  9. Excellent work! You're very handy!


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