Sunday, 2 March 2014

Crochet, A Card and Jumble Sale Joy

This week at Less Is More the challenge is GREEN and YELLOW. I only have one mustard yellow inkpad which reminds me of a newborn's nappy, so stamping was out. Here's what I did instead.

All cardstock came from my stash as did the ribbon.
Daisy punch by Woodware. Embossing folder by Cuttlebug
Sentiment by Stampin Up 

I'm also linking to:
 Stampin Royalty- Clean and Simple
The Card Concept - Clean and Simple floral
I made this card for one of the ladies at my regular
 Stitch and Bitch class who knitted me these beautiful fingerless gloves because I'd admired a pair she'd previously made. 
 Wasn't that kind?

When I remarked how lovely they were, she said, in a very modest way 'oh they only took me an evening to knock up'
(jaw hit the floor) 

My knitting is abysmal but the crochet's not bad, although very basic as yet.  I've made progress with my stash busting blanket..

 and I've recently started a small cot blanket for a work colleague who's expecting in May.  She has invited me to her
 Baby Shower...WTF!

I know, I know. I've become a grumpy old woman...but really?
 We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving next.

Anyway grumpy or not, one thing guaranteed to put a smile on my face is a jumble sale at the scout hut.  When I arrived an hour before doors opened yesterday, there were already twenty people ahead of me!  At midday the plastic fencing was released and there was a stampede to get to the bric-a-brac and the book stall, which is legendary.  The sale of clothes started an hour later and saw another mad scrum, I filled a dustbin liner and paid £2.30 for the lot. 
I'll show you the clothes next time, here's the other stuff I bought. 

70's rattan lightshade 50p, three novels by Lisa Jewell 20p each
council workman light (I now have two!) £1

I've done my hour of exercise this morning and now there's a lazy day ahead, what are you up to?


  1. OMG Fi wish I lived near you, I love a good fight over a bit of junk, not nearly enough of them here for me.
    Your buy's are great.
    Love the fingerless gloves, and your crotchering is coming along a treat.

  2. Your workman's light is ace and that card is so pretty, all fresh and springlike.

    I shall join you in the grumpy old woman stakes as this week I got all riled at people on blogs saying they had 'bangs' cut. No, no you didn't, you might like your 1950's Americana but you were born and grew up in the U.K so you had your fringe cut, like we all do in this country. Fricking 'bangs' GRRR.

    *and breathe*

  3. You ( and some of the comments) always cheer me up.
    Love your card to bits, so clean and fresh, a sure winner imo. Your fingerless gloves are very posh too.
    Lynne xxx
    P.S. Sorry I didn`t get back to you last week but...yes I didput a bit of Led Zep on. Well I got as far as Whole lotta love and the Immigrant song. x

  4. My heart leapt at jumble sale joy. That's how sad I am. In my defence we don't have jumbles here. That's a cool light shade and I'm looking forward to seeing your clothes stash.
    Your card is stunning as always. x

  5. Wow I just love your card, caught my eye straight away ! envy the fingerless gloves too...and pink.... my fav colour. Great buys also, looks like you had a good time buying :) Viv xx

  6. Oh what a fresh card, Fiona! Love the way you partially embossed your panel, and adore that green gingham ribbon - what's happier than daisies? Beautifully done!

  7. Love the card and am in awe of both the wrist warmers (an evening?!) and your baby blanket. I had to go to a baby shower once, I'm still traumatised from the experience. Its not just you!
    LOVE the light shade and I used to have a fine collection of those council workman's lamps, too (I also used to keep my clothes in a grit bin) Council property, alcohol and me are a lethal mix! xxx

  8. Your card is beautiful, Fiona, far more light and bright and Spring-like than the weather today...
    Gorgeous gloves, and the crochet is coming on nicely.
    Baby shower? A shower of babies? Blimey, don't like the sound of that! I am keen on the old tradition of giving a gift AFTER the baby has arrived. I'm old fashioned that way...
    Ooh, jumble joy, sounds like you have to plan tour campaign with military strategey and ruthlessness! Loving that lampshade, and I'm seeing those lamps are popping up all over the place, though usually considerably dearer than a quid apiece...
    Good for you, done your best Olivia N-J Physical impression, and now you can be lazy! Ironing and cooking a roast dinner for me... xxxx

  9. First of all, GREAT score at the jumble sale! I had so much fun reading your post as our 'words' in Canada are so different. We call a 'jumble sale' a garage sale. And 'bric-a-brac'...so cool!

    Now about your fabulos card...I love it! Fun, whimsical, beautifully embossed with sweet wee pops of color in the flowers that really have me yearning for spring!

    Here in Manitoba, Canada we reached a record low temperature last night. With the windchill it was -59C. One province to the west had windchill temps as low as -66C. Yes....brrr......

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog! Thanks for sharing your card with us at the Card Concept Challenge!

  10. Stash busting blanket, love that! Need to do a bit of stash busting I think - your blanket is coming on brilliantly.
    Definitely get caught up in that Jumble excitement too - we've one near us - always mobbed, always fabulous. Great rattan lightshade and workman's light, and look forward to seeing what else you slung in your bin liner!
    Another gorgeous card xx

  11. LOVE the card! I'm going to Pin it if you don't mind, because I would love to make one the same.
    How sweet to have a pair of pretty hand-warmers made especially for you.
    Happy LIMing!
    Rosey x

  12. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with your great post!
    I agree about the Americanisms (if there is a such a word?), too many of them over here already I think.
    I'm really envious of your jumble sale buys, I can't remember the last time I went to one but I do remember how chaotic they used to be. lol. I have to make do with my local charity shops, which although I get the occasional bargain, I think some of their stuff is overpriced.
    I love your card, green & yellow are a fave combination of mine & your design is very stylish.
    Take care Sally x

  13. That card is delightful, really fresh looking. A baby shower? Good heavens. Well, I never did. Thankfully. So you have jumble sales too do you? I thought Vix was the only lucky duck left to get them. Let's see your booty? And I mean that in a non-American way! Xxx

  14. Love your thinking Fiona! this card covers the green and yellow so prettily, without the need for inks! The embossing folder is so sweet, as are the daisies. While visiting you here for the first time, I had a little wander, and enjoyed your posts - a very refreshing outlook on life! Hugs, Ann xx

  15. Beautiful fresh spring card Fiona, love the design and the gingham ribbon finishes it off perfectly:)
    Val x

  16. Your card is beautiful and you did really well at the jumble sale - love the colourful lamps.

  17. Hi, Fiona. I LOVE your card! And those fingerless gloves are to die for! I, too, love a good sale--I'm always on the lookout for bargains. I go to auctions often and usually find some good deals there, too. I collect soooo much stuff and I live in a teeny tiny space. I'm working very hard this winter to use up some of the crafting supplies I've been stashing here and there. Anne/notesfromthewoodshed

  18. This is a beautiful card...love the very perfectly done embossing...it stands out so well with the punched flowers. I also really love the way you staged your photo...looks so pretty on the window sill.

  19. Why don't we have jumble sales here? I think charity shops must have killed them off - which would be a good thing except I don't believe the charities really get to see much of the money. I'm with you on the baby shower thing and I'm a grumpy old woman on vocabulary too. Amazed at the gloves taking your friend an evening - it would take me longer than that to find the wool! Love the card with that great layout although I would have liked to see you use the mustard! I had a big clear out at the weekend and now need another weekend to get over it. Enjoy your week, Vicky x

  20. I love your LIM card Fiona...such a pretty design!
    Thanks so much
    Less is More

  21. Your card is so fresh and springlike, love it!
    Thanks for joining this week’s Less is More Challenge
    (Guest LIM commenter!)

  22. 'It reminds me of a newborn's nappy'!!! You do make me chuckle. Great book bargains. And I'm with you on the baby shower - WTF?!

  23. Simple and stunning card...

  24. Lovely card Fiona so fresh and pretty.



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