Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hooky Heart

A number of things have made me happy during the past week.  Not an ecstatic, joyous or blissful kind of happy,  just a quietly content with some of the small happenings around me kind of happy.   
You know the feeling.


The first thing that lifted my spirits was finding my gloves.  I 'lost' them before xmas and had convinced myself that I'd left them in a public loo, but no, they were lurking in my gym bag all along.  Hoorah!

Another thing I felt good about was finally feeling well enough to return to the gym. (hence glove discovery)  A winter of coughing and spluttering accompanied by pulled intercostal muscles which took months to repair, halted my gym attendance abruptly.

But boy did I know about it after 30 minutes back on the treadmill!

The local ice-cream van made an appearance over the Easter weekend and hearing the tinkling notes 
of O Sole Mio for the first time this year signalled the start of spring, if not yet summer.
  Another good reason to feel glad I think.

Lastly but in no way least, I finished my latest crochet project....a little bit of nonsense that is the Hooky Heart.  A lovely way to use odds and ends and cheer yourself up in a jiffy, for it took no time at all to hook up the flowers and leaves. If you fancy a crack at this yourself you can find it here at Attic 24.   The seemingly interminable grey skies of winter left me feeling in need of some cheerful colours so I used five shades from King Cole's Dolly Mix....all acrylic, (no need for decent yarn here) but they hooked up very nicely. 

 Prudy was a tad curious, so naturally made it her business to supervise the photo shoot.

 After sewing in the ends and stitching on the buttons, I glue gunned the lot onto a heart fashioned from pipe cleaners or chenille sticks..... as they are apparently now known!

Et voila!

The vibrant colours please me very much indeed.
What's made you happy lately?


  1. Superbe !!!! J'adore !!! J'adore aussi ton chat ... toujours là où il faut !!!! Bises

  2. Fiona, the happy hooker! Your crochet heart is fabulous, how pretty - but chenille sticks? Really? I suppose pipe cleaners have gone the way of all smoking paraphernalia - verboten!
    Yes, it's definitely a sign of some better weather when you hear ice cream van music - our regular van plays Greensleeves at a disconcertingly speeded up rate. Nothing better than finding something you thought was lost forever - those gloves were waiting patiently all winter for you to discover them! Same with an errant ankle boot of mine (God knows how the pair got separated) and some sunglasses which must have been lurking in a handbag for over 6 months...
    Prudy was kind to help you with your photos - cats are good like that, aren't they?
    Enjoy the sunshine! xxx

  3. Doesn't it feel good to finally get over an illness and start to enjoy the little things again?
    Love your woolly creation and it seems Prudy does, too. I often read that blog in absolute awe.
    Take it easy in that gym! xxx

  4. Sooo pretty! Think they'd jolly up an old denim jacket? Might give it a try.
    The weather's cheering me up no end - great getting the kids out of the house…and the garden has some colour at last. Glad you found your gloves! Lovely when that happens. Found my daughter's missing leotard during a tidy up the other day - not so exciting, but at least I don't have to buy another one! Love the peering Prudy shot x

  5. Well done Fiona with your crocheting. That blog is so colourful and inspiring, maybe when the weather gets cold I will attempt to crochet, I would very much like to make a heart like yours. I did 10 minutes on my treadmill the other day and that was more than enough. It is keeping at it that is hard!!

  6. Love the hooky heart! I recently found a bracelet I thought I'd lost ages ago - it's such a nice feeling refinding something, isn't it?

  7. Oh my goodness I love your heart it's so pretty.

    Our ice cream van likes to change his tune often and has seasonal ones, my particular favourite is the theme to The Dam Busters!

  8. That is just gorgeous ... anyone would feel happy looking at that and twice as much when you know you made it :0)

  9. Little joys are what make a life, but that crochet heart should bring quite a lot of joy IMO.

  10. Chenille sticks? What kind of nonsense it that? I LOVE your heart and the picture of Prudy supervising your work. xx

  11. Hurrah for feeling better. This winter has been a total bitch and I don't know anyone who hasn't been down with one bug or another.
    That heart is lovely, really cheery and I do love the colours.

  12. I'm so glad I came to visit your lovely new-look blog today Fiona (and please don't tell me your header has been like this for months!) Things have been a bit tough in my life lately so focusing on 'happy' is a really good thing to do. I've recently made a 'happy book' for writing down things that make me happy :) One thing that makes me happy is seeing your fabulous crocheted wreath! It's perfect. Vicky x

  13. Oh that heart is beautiful. So cheerful, I love it. Yes, I know that feeling of quiet contentment, it's good. Cor, this winter has been exhausting. One thing after another. Glad you're on the mend though. There's an ice cream van that lives round here, but it's silent, most discomfiting. Xxx


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