Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Scavenger Hunt

Here in the South of England the summer seems to have fast-forwarded to autumn a bit bloody early for my liking.  The fair days in August were few and far between and outdoors photo taking opportunities were limited, hence some of the following are from my archives. I have to admit I struggled with a couple this month but being challenged is a good thing, eh?  Thanks to Greenthumb as always for hosting the hunt.

August's List



 erm..........the horizon?


 This ornate, but faded square gate caught my eye.


 A supermarket shot....this one's cracked it in terms of variety of fruit and veg.



This sailor statue stands on the bow of a boat above the doorway to the
 Crown & Anchor pub in Shoreham, West Sussex.  I was here with friends just four days before the horrifying air show tragedy.

.... is what a cuppa and a cake bring me.

(Almost)  Forgotten

 Although the last day of August was only yesterday, I've all but forgotten about summer.
Here in the UK it seemed to end some weeks ago and there's been perpetual precipitation ever since.  This photo was taken in Vendée in June.


 Believe me, this shop was packed!  Strange that people have nothing better to do on a Bank Holiday than shop,  Me?....I had an appointment with the optician.


 Banging on about the weather again...the relentless rain.


My neighbours' cat Sonny.  I went in to keep him company from time to time while they were on holiday.  He didn't even mind when I absentmindedly called him Prudy.

Whatever you want

Something now to give you a laugh.  Me in my brand new Girl Guide uniform (plus slippers) in the early seventies.  I was in the Kingfisher patrol but around the age of 13 I decided I was too cool for Guides, and left.

Why not join in next month, here's the subjects.

September's List
Whatever you want


  1. Ah horizon - great minds think alike!

  2. How cute are you in your Girl Guide outfit? Like butter wouldn't melt.
    Great snaps, love the sailor statue, the gate and that gorgeous ginger puss. We lost Ginger Alan on Friday and we've got a big ginger hole in our lives. xxxx

  3. I love the sailor statue, what a great shot! You look so sweet in your girl guide uniform.

  4. A brilliant collection! The last photo is lovely and I like forgotten, and joy too but my favourite is rough!

    I must have had better weather here as although there have been some grey or wet days, I don't think the summer has been too bad! I've been outdoors every day, regardless of the weather!

  5. I didn't make it to Guides, Brownies was enough to put me off! Don't you look adorable in your uniform and knee socks?!
    Fabulous photos as always - love the rough sticks and twigs, that wonderful sailor figure, tea and a sugary doughnut (mmm...) and of course the glorious Vendee.
    I thought about you when I heard the awful news of the air show disaster, knowing that it was in your neck of the woods.
    Ahh, look at lovely Sonny; I do love a ginger puss. Any thoughts yet on allowing a new kitty to steal your heart, Fiona? xxx

  6. I was only in brownies for two weeks then the troop disbanded.I never made it to guides.Summer has been awful hasn't it.Still clinging on to the hope of an Indian summer.Love friendly, joy and walk.:)

  7. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of walk, colourless, and forgotten. Greenthumb

  8. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of walk, colourless, and forgotten. Greenthumb

  9. Great pictures as always! I love the one for Bow and the gate is very pretty too! We had similar guide uniforms, but I think my skirt was rather longer than yours! xx

  10. Great photos and interpretations. Love Joy, Bow, Rough and Square. It seems to have rained a lot here but we have had some bright days in between and luckily we had very little rain on a short break in Worcester. It seems very autumnal cool this morning - I may have to ditch the sandals and go back to boots and socks:)

  11. Love that you're wearing your slippers! Splendid photo. Great collection again, really like rough and that beautiful old gate - colourless is spot on, just seems to have been like that since we got back from France. Flat and grey. Still hopeful though! Gorgeous ginger puss. If I can get my act together I'll try to join you next month x

  12. Sadly, fall is in a hurry to take over the Greater Toronto Area too, although it's going to be hot, hot, HOT today outdoors! Very cute photo of you in your Girl Guides uniform and the photo of the statue is fascinating!

  13. I always enjoy your scavenger hunt photos, you never disappoint. I hear you about rain, we have had a couple of days of it lately but luckily the temperature has been mild. As you slip into Autumn and your garden gets ready to sleep we are going into Spring and everything is waking up in my garden. I love Spring!! Tempted to join your September hunt.

  14. Colorless, square, bow and joy. My favorites. You certainly did well. Most fun choices.

  15. It has, hasn't it. A definite autumnal niff in the air. I love your photography posts so much. Rough is wonderful.
    Look at you as a Guide! I was a Guide too and have lasting memories of camping and marching until I like you, felt too cool for it and did a runner!
    I love these scavenger hunts, I may just join you for next months.xxx

  16. So far this summer has been all mouth and no trousers, but I haven't given up yet. Come on September. You can do it. Oh that photo of younas a girl guide is priceless. Love it! I didn't make it that far. I'm not even sure I had much of a career as a brownie, but guides seemed so grown up and sophisticated to me all those years ago. I love that square gate. Xxxx

  17. You've fast forwarded to Autumn and we have to Spring ... don't want to rub it in, but the weather has been FABULOUS ;0)
    Love all your photos ... does having prompts make it easier or harder I wonder.

  18. These are such lovely photos you have shared today. I think my favorite is "friendly" and "whatever you want". I hope you're having a wonderful week. My best to you :)

  19. Oh I do love donuts but Lo and behold you saved the best for last. You as an adorable little Girl Guide. No doubt you were way too cool for them. You're still way cool.

  20. Brilliant photos - I loved your interpretations. Colourless struck a chord - another moaner about the weather I'm afraid - you'd need a winter coat to be outside here today ... Fed up. But thank you for all the colour in your photos - a definite pick me up.

  21. A great selection. Wouldn't mind a bit of joy right now :-)

  22. I'm joining the Hunt; I love the idea, thanks !

  23. Aw bless you in your Guide uniform. I tried to be too cool for guides but I wasn't allowed to leave. My mum clearly didn't understand the importance of coolness! xx

  24. Enjoyed your photo selection :) Terrific choices. Thanks for sending us some rain ~ much appreciated. We had another week of sun, but now it's blowing into Autummn. I also had fun looking back at some of your previous posts... a belated happy birthday...

  25. A gorgeous collection of photographs...great interpretations. Love 'Walk' and 'Square'.

  26. Comme toujours des photos merveilleuses !!! Peut être que je pourrais participer aussi ??? Bon dimanche , bises


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