Friday, 24 June 2016

Five On Friday - The Brexit

Oh dear, I'm barely able to cobble together a post these days, I know I'm a slack blogger and if you bogged off and didn't read my infrequent scribblings ever again I wouldn't blame you.  I'm quite sure you won't find this post riveting but I felt it was time to put in an appearance.  Here's a snapshot of my life recently.

1. Winchelsea

After working five shifts back-to-back, (60 hours) I had eight days off last week and was invited down to Winchelsea one day, where a colleague was staying in her static caravan. It was an ideal opportunity to look around at static vans and site facilities as, until this morning, I had a dream of buying one in France. (....now this plan will be placed on a back burner for a while)  After sniffing around several luxury vans and a few priced more modestly we strolled around Rye Harbour and ate freshly caught fish with chips in this pub.


On our way back to the van site we had to stop abruptly whilst two extremely inept shepherds tried to move a herd of sheep into a new field a hundred yards up the road. 
   It was chaos... everywhere sheep ran amok.   Eventually a farmer in a Land Rover arrived and heated words were exchanged...it almost came to fisticuffs.  The tailback of traffic was colossal. 

2. Stool

I finally got around to recovering the jumble sale stool I bought a year ago...I don't like to rush 
 these things you know.

 A few weeks ago I found a remnant of material in a posh interiors shop for a couple of quid and as it resembled what I'd had in mind, I didn't hesitate. After respraying the legs with some radiator paint I already had, I covered the seat re-using the forty year old foam, added a pom-pom trim bought in Walsall on a bloggers day out (how I wish that market stall was nearer) and covered the staples with some upholstery braid.

There's enough fabric left for a few other projects but no doubt I'll leave those to another year.


3. Craft Fair

Last week I attended a craft fair hosted by Clarity Stamps and the very talented Barbara Gray.
The venue was Crowborough Rugby Club and it was packed out with middle-aged women and a few husbands who seemed resigned to their lot.  There were lots of demos taking place but unfortunately it was too busy to see them very easily.  I did however manage to get this snap of Barbara in action.

 Of course I was powerless to resist a few purchases.

4.  London to Brighton Bike Ride


Now don't get the wrong idea here!  I could never attempt this annual event, I am far too unfit, but every year the British Heart Foundation organized bike ride is routed through my village.  I felt I should go and show my support and admiration to the riders along with other villagers.  This ride, not for the faint hearted, is 54 miles long and takes the cyclists up nearby Ditchling Beacon one of the highest points on the Sussex Downs. Hats off to all who took part, especially those in fancy dress.

5. Brexit


How could I post this week without mentioning the British referendum on the European Union?  Yesterday was an historic day.   After weeks of listening to politicians, economists , businessmen and celebrities (WTF?) pontificating about what would become of Britain if we left or remained in the EU, the nation has spoken. 

I was on night shift last night and without a telly, was glued to the online news whenever possible...I even made a cake with Brexit and Remain flags for my team.  The referendum result was not what I was hoping for and the future will be uncertain for a while but we must now get on with building a different Britain, hopefully without the mud slinging of recent weeks.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!  


  1. enjoyed your five today. I think the politicians here in the USA are having a wake up call with your BREXIT. I'm hoping they will put the people first now and get rid of the lobbyists who seem to have too much influence here. Loved all the outfits worn by the bike riders. thanks for sharing.

  2. Love what you have done with the stool, the fabric is beautiful.

  3. Your stool project is wonderful. It makes a plain old stool look renewed. Winchelsea looks beautiful and the cake - yum!

    Have a great weekend

  4. Absolutely love the stool! I am in awe of the cyclists, particularly those in fancy dress. Winchelsea looks to be a very pretty place.

  5. You're right Fiona, enough ranting - won't change what happened. Time to get on now.
    On a lighter note, love your stool makeover, the pompom trim is perfect with the lovely fabric. Wondering if it was easy to spray the legs? I've an old metal light fitting that's a rather strange dark purple colour, and not quite sure what to do with it.
    Cycle shots made me smile xx

    1. Yes you should do it....I think Lazy Daisy Jones recently sprayed a metal light shade. Just do it outside on a still day. I'm sure there will be loads of tutorials on Youtube or Pinterest. Good luck with it.

  6. Your up-cycled stool looks fabulous and well worth the year long wait!! I have many projects that have waited longer than a year to actually eventuate.

  7. It may have taken a while but the end result is fab, your stool looks great. There's a cycle race "Tour de Normandie" taking place around this area today but with weather like this (it's pouring again) they won't be enjoying the ride.
    Brexit, what can I ay? It's going to be a turbulent 2 years but who knows the 2nd referendum, should it happen, might have a much different result.
    bon weekend

  8. A great five! We'll just have to get on with it won't we, and keep our fingers crossed. :-)

  9. Your day in Winchelsea sounds lovely and it must have been restful after working so hard in the days before. The referendum result didn't go how I would have liked either but I suppose it's no good crying over spilt milk we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that all will eventually be well. I love the way you have renovated the stool:)

  10. You put together a very good post! Your stool looks good after its makeover doesn't it. Hope you enjoy using it. I am sorry to be so late visiting, we had a minor domestic drama yesterday - nothing serious in the end, all ok - but I didn't get a change to do any blogging. Thank you so much for taking part in Five On Friday, I do appreciate it! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  11. Love your stool, the kind of look which prompts a happy heart and a smiling face.

    A Yank's view of Brexit: England has survived centuries of wars, upheavals, political problems, etc. etc. etc. I have full confidence in the British people and predict that they will soon view this as just a little bump in the road.

  12. Always fun to visit and read your delightful posts. Your stool is darling...love the fabric you used to recover the seat. Thank you for your sweet visit.
    Mary Alice

  13. In spite of the chaos they caused, I especially enjoyed viewing the colorful sheep crossing from one pasture to another one :) Thanks for sharing your interesting Friday Five!

  14. Love what you did with the stool - the red striped fabric is so fresh looking. The Brexit vote has us all in Canada talking and wondering about the future. So much unhappiness and distrust.
    Have a great week.

  15. Winchelsea looks absolutely gorgeous. The stool looks brilliant, with some added Walsall magic. I can barely ride a bike let alone look fabulous in fancy dress whilst doing it, fair play to them.
    What an epic shift and what a devastating result. I'm sad you've got to put your plans on hold but don't blame you one bit. I can't believe that all the leave voters I know are now moaning and saying they only voted that way as a protest, what an idiotic way to act. xxx

  16. Winchelsea looks very quaint. I've never heard of it!
    Love the stool makeover and the use of radiator paint was clever. Glad to see it went more smoothly than the dresser.

  17. Winchelsea looks lovely and I know Rye is really picturesque, so that sounds like a great day out. I hope your dreams of France (and mine, I have to confess) can be reactivated at some point soon. The stool looks lovely, fit for a boudoir now! This Brexit has been a rollercoaster. But the longer it stalls, the more hopeful I get that something positive will come of this mess. Lovely to see you back, by the way. Xxx

  18. Fiona! You are such a good photographer. You could go pro. Seriously. Professional photographer that is. I don't really know much about your other life. Anyhooo....Thanks for stopping by my schblogg to remind me that you are a kindred airborn spirit. I am so confused by this Brexit business. I don't know a soul that voted for it and can't understand why it passed. I guess I just hang around with the very best people. XXXOOOO

  19. Nice to catch up with all your news, Fiona. The sheep make me laugh.

  20. Aww I'm originally a Sussex girl so I loved seeing these shots close to "home" - love what you did with the stool too :)


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