Saturday, 13 August 2011

Another Year Older

It's been a bittersweet day today as it's my first birthday without Mum. I thought of her often throughout the day, about how she always made me a cake and how she never failed to find a card with lovely words, but never gushy. As I sat in the Albert Hall this evening at the BBC Proms I thought how much she would have enjoyed hearing the BBC Concert Orchestra.

My evening out was a lovely birthday treat from my friend Debbie who has 'introduced' me to the talented musician and lyricist Tim Minchin, who compered tonight's show. I'd never heard of him until a couple of months ago and then googled him to see what he was all about. I'm glad I did because while we were hanging around outside before the show I recognised the eccentric looking Aussie and quickly papped him.

The above shots were captured on my point and press camera (haven't got myself a DSLR yet) as were these I took yesterday when I had a mooch around Ditchling, a lovely Sussex village.

So no cards to share today, just a few snaps as my enthusiasm for photography grows. Hope I haven't bored the pants off you!

Thanks for looking.
Fiona (aged 49)


  1. Morning Fiona (49 and 1 day)

    It was nice you were able to join us yesterday morning for a little while as you certainly had a busy day with one thing and another.

    Glad you enjoyed the concert we saw about 5 minutes of it on the TV when we were flicking through the channels. A few shots of the audience but didn't spot you or Debbie.

    Lovely photos of your day in Ditchling with Sam.

    See you later


  2. You must really miss your mum and these kind of milestones are difficult. I love your photos of Ditchling - I haven't been there for 20 years! I think you're going to love having a DSLR. Vx

  3. Happy birthday Fiona !!!
    isa xx

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Fiona, it sounds like you had a lovely day even with the sad/happy memories of your mum - loved your pics though! I think Tim Minchin is great - would love to see him live, he's very talented and funny!
    Love your new pic too :) xxx

  5. Hi Fiona

    Belated birthday wishes to you - glad to read that you had a great time at the Proms and your photography is coming on a treat!!! I'm on the list to attend one of the very talented Kirsty's photography courses when she comes to my part of the world and I can't wait!

    Take care



  6. Great photos Fee, mostly it's about good composition and you don't need a DSLR for that!

    Milestones are always difficult and I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted you to be sad on your birthday.
    Jaki aged 49-3 months!


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