Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Canterbury Tales

I've been down in Kent this week where I visited Canterbury with my aunt who's also been known to frequent a charity shop once or twice.  The plan of action was to look at the sights... (this city is steeped in history) and then hit the chazza's.

The Butter Market

This courtyard directly opposite the entrance to the Cathedral has served as a focal point for the town for 800 years.

The Cathedral entrance

There has been a place of worship on this site for 1400 years. During the Civil War of the 1640s, the Cathedral suffered damage at the hands of the Puritans; much of the medieval stained glass was smashed and horses were stabled in the nave. During WWII the cathedral escaped any serious damage thanks to brave fire watchers who dealt with the incendiary bombs dropped by the enemy.  


 We didn't go in the Cathedral as we have visited before and after wandering leisurely through the town found a lovely Lithuanian cafe for a spot of lunch.  We were shown to an upstairs table where we could people-watch to our hearts content and were entertained by the staff in the restaurant opposite - seconds earlier the bloke on the right had been canoodling with a female kitchen hand!

In the 17th century the Huguenots introduced silk weaving into the town and their houses on the River Stour are a much photographed attraction.

I wonder if 'Chas' Dickens.... a Kentish man, penned any of his famous works here?

Once the light started to go we needed no encouragement to head for the chazza's.
Being an affluent Cathedral city I expected to find some posh schmutter and I wasn't disappointed.  I spied labels by D&G, Aquascutum, Windsmoor and Jaeger to name but a few and I managed to bag myself a Hobbs cardi.

Although wool, it's gossamer fine so this will be stored away until next summer.  I also found a cheap xmas cake tin (50p) and a Glenn Miller CD. 

Now back home I'm working on my latest upcycle, showing here soon. Don't miss it!


  1. I've never been to Canterbury, but it is on my list for one day, so lovely to get a little tour with you in the meantime! xx

  2. I love Canterbury Himself and I used to go there often when he was living in Margate.

  3. I'm another one who has never visited Canterbury, but it looks lovely. I do love a fine cathedral, despite not having an ounce of religious faith! What wonderful buildings, and as usual you have a great eye for interesting details in your photos, Fiona.
    Canoodling; I love that word!
    That's a sweet little cardigan, it will be a perfect lightweight layer in summer.
    Ooh, what are you working on? Can't wait to see! xxxxxx

  4. Canterbury looks gorgeous, so historic with loads of stunning architecture to admire.
    Can't beat a bit of people watching especially if it involves cheeky canoodling with the staff.
    Gorgeous cardi (bet you never thought you'd see me type that!) xxxx

  5. I haven't been to Canterbury for over 20 years but I remember it as being a lovely place to visit. Nice find with the Hobbs cardi - bet that was a tres expensive item when new.

  6. I've never been to Canterbury, but it looks like my kind of place!

  7. Ooh it looks lovely there. Thanks for showing us. Lovely cardy and I CANNOT wait to see what you're upcycling! xxx

  8. Fab cardi - and lovely photos, too. x

  9. This brings back lovely memories of the summer... although it was heaving with tourists and I didn't find anything worth having in the chazzas! Glad you had a lovely time. Vicky x


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