Sunday, 10 November 2013

Scavenger Hunt October

I'm fashionably late for my October entries due entirely to the scarcity of weathercocks hereabouts.
Hmmm, can't say I was keen on that subject Susie but wasn't going to be beaten.  Here we go then.


Yes it's obvious but suspected everyone would be doing pumpkins this month.


Two windows found at the same Saxon church as the weathercock





Bin men were five days late after the storm that never was...


The Quad 'Copter in action

Home made

Black & White

a seaside cottage

 Coffee time


My cousin Zoe on her hen night


Had to scour the local area for weathercocks, I found this at the fourth church.
Serious cropping was required!

 Fridge Magnet

From Dad's recent travels

Get yourself over to Made With Love for the November list and to see other October snaps.

Tomorrow at work, I will be learning to drive a huge tractor and snow plough, now that really will be worth a picture...wish me luck.


  1. I want to see the card behind your Dad's fridge magnet, it looks filthy!
    Great images, you are such a talented photographer! xxx

  2. that cake looks delish!! I made one the other day for the first time in ages, made me remember how much I love them mmmmm

  3. Your photos are wonderful, Fiona! Kudos to you for finding a weathercock! I couldn't find one, and I had to make do with a windsock. Lara's photo brought a big smile to my face ~ she is beautiful! The fridge magnet of Angkor Wat brought back wonderful memories there ~ I hope that your father had a great trip to Cambodia!

  4. Glad you made it in the end as your photos were well worth the wait - amazing! Flower is just stunning and I also love home made and coffee time. x

  5. You don't half take a fab photo, Fiona! Over-alliterative, but true.
    The lily pic is stunning, love the church windows, the cake, Lara, and am hoping Zoe had a great time on her hen night!
    Trust Vix to focus on the word knob on the card on the fridge, she's a tinker! xxxx

  6. Always look forward to your Scavenger Hunt pics, you've got such a great eye. Beautiful lily and beautiful Lara.
    Funny enough I took a photo of a big fat pigeon sitting on a weathercock today!

  7. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I don't mind when you put your photos in as I know we all have very busy lives. Your photos were worth the wait, I really like orange, home made,black and white and rubbish. Greenthumb.

  8. Great set of photos, I especially like home made and coffee time.

  9. I love that black and white seaside cottage, so pretty! xxx

  10. Great collection of photos and you got there in the end with that pesky weather cock! I knew from the start which one I wanted to photograph, but I had to make a little journey for it so it took me to the end of the month to get the photo!

  11. What a brill collection of photos-lovely compositions and interpretations:)


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