Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dusty Drawers

I went to Ardingly Antiques Fair recently where BBC1's Bargain Hunt was being filmed.
You know, it's presented by that Tim Wonnacott bloke....who incidentally must live round here as I've seen him in our butchers.  Anyways as usual at these sort of places, I forgot to take many pictures, in fact I took only two and unwittingly there was a bum theme.

What does that say about me?   I daresay you'll draw your own conclusions.

I didn't buy much but enjoyed chatting to the stallholders and discussing their wares.
I even bagged myself a freebie coat hook from a very nice man who sold my friend Juliette a wooden tea trolley.

I also came home with these knackered and dusty old drawers which I bought for a few quid with the intention of hanging on the wall as they do in those trendy interiors shows.  I'll fill them with crap carefully selected pieces and my Portuguese cock.

Oh yeah, didn't I mention?  I've just returned from a few days on the sun soaked Algarve.
Only my third trip abroad this year... I'm making up for the five years that I didn't have one holiday.
This was my first time to Portugal, I stayed in the historic maritime town of Lagos in a villa owned by my friend, we had a fine time eating sardines, drinking sangria, seeing the sights and lapping up the rays.

Beautiful ceramic tiles cover surfaces everywhere.

This stunning mural sits behind the altar in the church of Santa Maria

Lagos was the gateway for the first African slaves into post-medieval Europe, the slave market above goes back to 1444.  Thought provoking facts I think you'll agree.

Now back in Blighty, I finally got round to ironing some clobber I recently bought at my first vintage kilo sale which is held monthly in a Worthing warehouse.  I did quite well although I think a couple of items are 'vintage style' rather than the real deal as they look unworn. That's OK I'm no purist.

clockwise from left - home made maxi, denim skirt, striped shirt, cheesecloth shirt,
groovy patterned blouse. 

At £15 per kilo (there's just over a kilo here) I finally found some sensibly priced vintage
 'down South'....think I'll be making a return visit next month.


  1. Good for you, three holidays! I love looking at your travel photos. I haven't been to Portugal since the 1980s but the gorgeous architecture is all over Goa.
    Love the dagger collar blouse and the ditsy maxi. Those sales are definitely worth a punt.
    Cheek vintage photo! xxxxx

  2. You globetrotter you! Glad you enjoyed your Portuguese break, the photos are fab. All those gorgeous whitewashed buildings, cobbles, and tiles, just lovely.
    Ha, the cheeky photo and enema kit made me laugh! What a relief to know that the tube going up your bum is English Manufactured, Guaranteed....
    Your dusty drawers are fab, and the spoils from the kilo sale look great, love that maxi. If you're paying £3-4 an item, that's pretty good, I reckon.
    Good to have you back! xxx

  3. Portugal looks stunning!! I like your Portuguese Cock!! I think I have something similar in one of my dust collecting cabinets.

  4. In Germany they would call your drawer a setzkasten, much classier ;-)

    I was meant to go to a kilo sale in Oxford but ended up coming to Birmingham to meet with you and the other bloggers instead!

  5. Get you with your saucy pictures and your impromptu trips to the continent! I love the look of Portugal with all those beautiful buildings. Might have to put that on the list now. Your Portuguese Cock is fabulous! I've never been to a kilo sale, they sound great. Love that maxi. Xxx

  6. Three holidays in one year … you are doing well … and I'm more than a little bit jealous ;0)

  7. Loving the dusty drawers! I've never even heard of a kilo sale but I love the denim skirt you found. xx


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