Saturday, 28 February 2015

Scavenger Hunt - February

Another month has passed by in a flash and here I am posting this month's snaps for Scavenger Hunt already.  Again, big thanks to Greenthumb for hosting and providing us with inspiration.


 The fragrance of these hyacinths filled the room. 


While I can't be sure that Prudy feels love for me,  I certainly feel it for her.
This last week has been very emotional as she was an extremely poorly puss.  She is not out of the woods yet, so please keep your fingers crossed for her.  

 Taken a while ago...can't remember where.

Something Beautiful

 The latest addition to the family,  my cousin's baby - Sophie Rose

Your Favourite Colour

 This pheasant was legging it.... trying to escape pesky visitors at a National Trust property.

On the Road

 Boris's bikes


 A revoltingly ostentatious tap that I recently discovered in a salvage yard


 Bargain of the month, a pair of cropped jeans for under a pound!  These will be pimped up in due course.


Heart Art on Hastings beach

A Corner Of Your Home  

Whatever You Want

and finally,  just to a give you all a laugh...me as a toddler.

Please do check out the other link ups and next month's list  here.


  1. Loved these pics! Yours was the first blog I visited today and it was the perfect way to lift my spirits on a miserable grey day.I hope poorly Purdy is now well on the mend and I adore your facial expression (why did we all have oversized buttons on hand knitted cardis????) LOL

  2. Beautiful pics Fiona, I'm always interested to see what photo you use for each word:) I hope Purdy is on the mend!
    Val x

  3. Really hope Prudy is properly on the mend now, poor girl. Great photos, as always - love the way you've set your heart on the beach with the boats behind, and I'm quite liking that tap. Angelic pic of you too! What caught your eye I wonder xx

  4. Beautiful photos but your baby one of you is the BEST!

  5. Love thew interpretations - cute cute cute baby picture. And the heart is wonderful.

  6. Terrific set of photos :) Adding my get well wishes to Purdy as well...
    What a beautiful addition to your family. Stunning photo of your favourite colour ~ I think I can pick up the fragrance of your spring bouquet from here ;) Great toddler photo!

  7. I can smell the flowers all the way to here! So very pretty.

  8. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of something beautiful, your favourite colour, and number. Greenthumb.

  9. Sophie Rose took the prize, Fiona! How could she not. Loved your tap! I was finishing up my post last night in a panic over tap, because somehow I had missed it! I think yours is quite something! I do hope Prudy feels 100% soon. You have wonderful, color-filled photos ~ well done! Take care!

  10. Great set of photos, like the Boris's bikes and heart, I do look forward to seeing what other people have found. Wishing your cat is feeling better.
    Amanda xx

  11. Gorgeous photos … the love heart on the beach looks like it should be on a greeting card … just beautiful.

  12. Love your selection of photos, particularly Colour, Road and Heart. Hope Prudy gets well soon. x

  13. Lovely photos and great choices of subjects. Love the heart on the beach and your bowl of flowers. Purdy looks such a lovely puss I do hope she will be well again soon:)

  14. You see something in me really likes that tap! Love the picture of the Boris bikes all lined up there, and that fantastic pop of red for your colour! Poor Prudy - it's always a worry when our little chums are poorly - I'm keeping everything crossed that she'll be feeling a lot better soon x Jane

  15. Fantastic photos and I love the one of you as a toddler.
    Anne xx

  16. Love the selection and hate choosing faves but.....Tulips, Bird, Bikes and Heart I love! That was an amazing bargain from the CS! Suzy x

  17. Lovely collection of photos!

  18. Gorgeous, lovely. I do love your photos.
    I hope Purdy is better soon.

  19. What a fantastic picture of you as a little 'un. You look full of fun. Gorgeous photos as always. I love the smell of hyacinths, I've got one on the go at the moment. Poor pussy cat. I've got my paws crossed all will be well with her! Xxxx

  20. Great finds, I love all the flowers especially. That tap is quite something isn't it!! xx

  21. Great photo's, I think the Hastings Beach one is my favourite. Yes car parking in Brighton is extortionate so I go on the train :-D! Hope Prudy continues to get well and you can relax. X

  22. Gorgeous photos especially that one of you clutching the blooms, it should be on a card!
    Sending loads of virtual love to Prudy, get well soon! xxx

  23. Lovely photos Fiona. Sending huge get well wishes to poor Prudy. She's a beauty. xx

  24. Oh no. what's the matter with darling Prudy Puss? Hope she'll be OK, Fiona - you know I understand all about the hopeless adoration we humans have for our felines.
    Love your photos, of course - the gorgeous flowers, sweetheart Sophie, the blue bikes, and your bargainacious jeans!
    And that pic of you is a real corker - weren't you a cutie pie in your cardi?! xxx

  25. Love your pics !!! Hope that that Prudy is ok now .... hugs

  26. I do hope Purdy is ok!
    Lovely photos! Whaaaat, that thing is a tap???? Very er, tasteful!
    The flowers are glorious! x


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