Monday, 9 March 2015

Wittering Weekend

I'm just back from a wonderful weekend in West Wittering with friends and family.  My aunt rented a lovely big beach house for the 70th birthday celebrations of my uncle.  It was a really relaxed couple of days with plenty of eating, drinking, more eating....you get the picture.  I'd never visited this area of West Sussex before and enjoyed exploring the village and beach front, of course it helped that the weather was glorious on Saturday and as you'd expect,  I took a few snaps.

 Our lovely spacious accommodation... my room came with boutique hotel feel en-suite

After a late breakfast on Saturday we strolled for several kilometres along the beach

where the beachfront properties were of much interest

some ramshackle, others palatial and lots inbetween.

These two were fashioned from old railway carriages.

There were plenty of hardy individuals surfing and kite surfing

and my bonkers aunt even went in for a paddle!

On our way back to the house we spotted these dear little Jelly shoes hanging from a branch...
...and a mermaid's head shoved in between fence posts

I wonder what happened to her body?

After a hearty lunch we went for a wander around the village,  Hawkeye here, had spied a couple of chazzas on arrival the day before and was keen to have a recce.

Inside this one, there were lots of bargains to be had but I restrained myself and purchased only a small French mustard pot for the grand sum of 50p and was not at all tempted by this novel vase!

That evening after the arrival of my brother and SIL, we sat down and ate more food than was good for us and consumed quite a lot of fizz.  At the end of the meal my aunt produced this wonderful birthday cake (all made in secret) for my uncle.  A sort of This Is Your Life, in cake form.

Now back home there has been another visit to the vet and I'm pleased to report Prue is doing a little better.  Thank you all so much for your Get Well wishes on my last post, you are a kind lot and your positive vibes seem to be working.  Let's hope it continues before I'm made bankrupt!   I've had to employ crafty methods of getting medication down her as trying to get a tablet down her in the usual way resulted in a struggle and the pill being spat out across the kitchen floor....too much stress for both cat and owner! 

Crochet is helping me to chill at the moment, here's how my latest project is looking.

It shouldn't be too much longer now till it all comes together....I know you'll be waiting with bated breath. 
I'm off now to catch up with Indian Summers...anyone else watching?


  1. It looks rather delightful in West Wittering (fab name!) Gorgeous blue skies and white surf, love the house you stayed in and the converted railways carriages, poor Barbie's in a pickle, and the "vase" is hilarious! Sounds like a good time was had by all, and Prue's getting better too - excellent news. Oh God, cats and tablets, aren't they a nightmare?
    Yes, bated breath indeed over your crochet project, and yes, I'm watching Indian Summers too! xxx

  2. What a gorgeous place. Properly English, and your photos are beautiful as always. I love the jelly shoes in the tree and alL the surf boards.
    I'm shocked that you passed up that 'vase'. It doesn't look like it belongs in a hospital at all!
    Glad to hear that Prue is a bit better. I don;t envy you getting the medication down her. My cat eats around the worming tablets no matter how finely I grind them and then looks at me in disgust. I did try putting a tablet down her throat once. Never again!

  3. Oh to be by the sea! Sounds like a perfect family weekend - what a great way to celebrate a birthday. Lovely pics bring it all alive, and I'm now wondering about those little abandoned shoes and the slightly creepy Barbie's head wedged in the fence…though, to be fair, most of the ones we have here are missing something...or have been heavily tattooed with felt pens.
    Love the colours in your granny squares xx

  4. Nice place and Nice moments you've had. I'm looking forward to seeing your crocheted project... have a creative week.

  5. It looks positively tropical in West Wittering! I love your accommodation, I'd be tempted to claim squatter's rights!
    Hasn't your auntie got pretty feet (and a very brave disposition!)
    Glad Prue's rallying. Poor you and your bank account. xxx

  6. Glad to hear you had a good time just down the coast from me Fiona and the house looks really lovely. It's a very picturesque area too and the chazza shop looked good.
    Well done on the crochet as well.
    Fliss xx

  7. It looks like a great place to spend the weekend by the sea, and perfectly decorated! xx

  8. Oh I do like the look of the place you stayed … what a lovely paint colour.

  9. I would like to witter away a day or two (more!) in Wittering Fiona. Can't get over that pebbly beach! It's all sand, sand, sand and more sand(!) here as you can probably remember...
    The snap of the little lost jellies was so sweet - I wonder if they were ever reunited with their owner...or of somebody else with a similar sized little foot took them home...
    I'd pass on that urinal vase too x

  10. Lovely photos from the weekend - I can't believe the sunshine we had on Saturday! Glad to hear Prue's a bit better too - really did understand you wanting to rush off, I'd be the same if my Coco was ill! x

  11. Wittering looks utterly lovely!
    I'm so pleased Prudy's on the mend. i wonder if there's a youtube tutorial for that pill taking malarkey. Our first attempt took half an hour of us charging round the house, screaming at each other and quite a few scratches. The vet just does it in a second, quite inexplicably. xx

  12. West Wittering looks like a magical place! And it sounds like a wonderful time was had by all(except maybe Barbie, but at least she gets to watch the sea).

  13. I'm feeling a bit envious, it looks so relaxing and fun.
    Who would do that to a mermaid?

  14. Looks like a gorgeous weekend and somewhere I've never been either. Glad Prue is doing better and sorry you're having a battle with the medicine. Xx

  15. Lovely beach photos Fiona. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your relatives.

  16. So glad Prue is on the mend, and fabulous photos, Fiona - particularly the doll head - spooky!

  17. I love all your seaside pictures very much!!!
    Actually, I am looking forward to a lovely weekend with a blogfriend near the coast... I hope we also have such good weather :-).
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  18. West Wittering? What a great name. I could send the boyfriend there when he's getting on my nerves with his whittering. I'm sure he could probably return the compliment to me. Well, so long as there was boutique hotel quality accommodation, with ensuite, I wouldn't mind. I'm glad your pussy cat is on the mend, cats and medication is the stuff of nightmares. Your aunt sounds a marvel and I like the sound of too much food and drink!! Xxxxx


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