Tuesday, 19 January 2016

White Stuff

It's been a bit nippy here, so much so that I got called out on Saturday night to drive the snow-plough at work.  (In case you didn't know, I work at an airport)  There wasn't much white stuff to speak of but I quite enjoyed zipping about between 757's and A320's clearing the stands.  On the way home in the morning I took this snap as I was sure by the time I woke up later it would be gone...and I was right.

Since my last post I have been busy crocheting,  making myself a tablet cover.  It's amateurish to say the least as it's my first attempt at decreasing and I made it in a hurry.
 I should have made the flap longer but hey ho, next time.  It'll do for now.

Having the tablet allows me to catch up with the telly on my breaks at work.  Is anyone else hooked on Spin, the new French political drama ?  I'm also loving The Young Montalbano and I'm pleased to see the return of Mr. Selfridge.....love those period costumes!
I've been having more clear outs and several bags have gone for recycling or to the charity shop.  A couple of things have come into the house though!  Firstly this ghastly necklace, reduced from fifteen quid to 50p...

'I can well see why' I hear you say....but after some judicious snipping...hey presto, not quite so ghastly.

I also found this lovely Meakin jug in a chazza for just £2 and couldn't resist.

I'm linking up with Patti's Visible Monday once more....get me!
(with the risk of being told again that my garage door needs painting!)

Vintage pinafore dress bought on a bloggers day out in Birmingham
Brown polo neck jumper - Zara
Brown boots - Ugg

My bag was full of books as I was just off to my French lesson, my homework was to find a French news
item to discuss.  After trawling through various articles about Jihadist attacks in Ouagadougou and Marine Le Pen's latest outburst I decided I'd heard enough doom and gloom and settled on a story about a man who dropped his trousers on the No.8 bus in Rouen.
 It certainly made my prof smile and no doubt some passengers on that bus.

I hope you are smiling wherever you are this week.


  1. Fiona, that is some amazing dress!!! You look really pretty!!
    The snow looks gorgeous too although I am VERY glad not to be experiencing it!!!! I dread my 3 miles walk a day in the snow!!!
    I like your jug, looks very jolly on the windowsill!x

  2. Love the story you chose for French class! And your plaid jumper is so fetching. Thanks for linking,


  3. Are you serious? They had you driving the snowplow? I am impressed. Your plaid "jumper" as we call them here in the states is so cute. In fact the whole outfit is very 1960's college coed. I was going to give you a whole lecture on English vs. American clothing terminology but I'm certain you already know it. I had to learn it all the hard way....by dressing inappropriately.

  4. Love this! You've put a smile on my not very smiley of late gob!
    Great to see the snow and even better to see you looking so fab.
    Yep a bit of snipping and the necklace is much improved and a proper steal. Love that jug too.
    And yes to cheery news in any language and I'm pleased you went with the trouser dropper!xxx

  5. Love your dress! Like your charity shop find too.

  6. I love the necklace and the jug ... score!
    Your outfit looks great too!

  7. I remember that dress very well! You look fab in it, it's very you - Connie's right, you're all 1960s student, tres cool!
    Clever decluttering job on the necklace, love the jug, I'm in awe of anything knitted/crocheted since I am totally inept in that department, and I'm also impressed at your snow-ploughing prowess!
    Ha, great choice of news story - ooh la la, Monsieur Rouen, put your pamtalons back on! xxxx

  8. Your posts always make me smile - first the beautiful picture of untouched snow (it's best if it melts before it gets messy), imagining you driving a snow plough around the airplanes, and then the story about the Frenchman on the bus! And I love your outfit. Reminds me of the outfits we wore in the late '60s (when I was just a baby, of course). Have a lovely week!

  9. Top story choice! Trust you! Sure that livened things up.. Great you're having French lessons, wish I could get my act together and do the same, but don't I say that every year?
    You look lovely in your pinafore - really suits you. Also like the colour of the tablet case, and looks neat to me. On a whim just bought a rather complicated knitting pattern for a jumper (for me) and more wool. Going to be a shocker after all my tiny makes.
    Love that you drive a snow plough at work xx

  10. Fiona you look gorgeous! I am loving that dress....
    bestest D x

  11. Good find that jug and the dafs look fabulous in it. Snow!!! So what do you do at the airport then?

  12. That snow picture is gorgeous ... looks like a fairytale.

  13. Great pictures. Love the distressed garage door :)

  14. That photo of snow is cool, Fiona. I also like the vintage dress (how pretty you look!) and the idea of a man with no pants on the no. 8 bus.

  15. I just love it when we get to see you on your blog. You look stunning. I love the pinafore dress too, so cute and cool. It was rather magical, our temporary covering of snow, and it's making me smile to think of you whizzing around sorting it all out. Great idea, catching up with your programmes on your break. I love love love Young Montalbano, but I don't have the channel to get Spin, which is rather a shame. Quel dommage, eh? Love your news story! :) xxx

  16. Fab jug - and I quite like both versions of the necklace, before AND after! x


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