Thursday, 4 February 2016

Best Budget Beauty Buys

I'm a no-frills kind of gal when it comes to beauty products and as we are bombarded daily with images of high end toiletries and cosmetics I thought I'd share with you my best budget buys.

I've been using this Garnier Micellar water for about a year now in favour of my tried and trusted cold cream.  I first heard about it on one of Caroline's beauty posts and have to say I've been very impressed with it. It removes make-up and grime thoroughly and the price for this bottle was a reasonable £2.66 at Tesco.
And there's less mess than the cold cream.  A 400ml bottle will last me ages, anyone else tried it?

My hair has always been fine and fairly thin and now I'm a certain age it's even harder to manage and that's without mentioning the damage I've inflicted on it from over a decade of highlights.  I'm loving this Avon shampoo, another recent discovery that really does 'big up' my hair...(well, as much as it's ever gonna be bigged up!)  I use it with another Avon product,

  their Argan Oil hair mask which is brilliant at leaving my otherwise lack lustre locks soft and shiny.  I buy both of these products on offer, which is pretty often.  This is usually priced around the three quid mark.

 Until I started using this Aldi serum I'd never been faithful to any particular moisturiser, but since discovering this, I buy it in bulk.  Recommended in a magazine, I thought I'd give it a try and at £3.49 it was a no-brainer.  I have been very impressed with this product and saw an improvement in my skin within weeks. One of my dad's cohorts even told me I looked younger. (mind you, we were in the pub at the time, perhaps he was wearing beer goggles!)  It absorbs into the skin easily without leaving an oily residue and has a pleasant, expensive fragrance.  I have also heard that Lacura beauty products are cruelty free, although they are not CCF accredited.

Another product I use for moisturising is this almond oil which I slap on before the serum.....(I'm never sure which I should apply first?)  I've previously used olive oil and I don't think there's much, if any difference but the size of this bottle was handier for the bathroom.  As you see,  it's multi purpose too, not only for cooking but also as a hair conditioner.  I rub some into the ratty ends of my hair before going to bed and wash it out in the morning.

This next product is only budget because I bought it in a charity shop for 50p and is normally quite pricy.  That said, I bought a large gift set one Christmas when it was half price and it lasted most of the year.
The spicy fragrance of this Sanctuary product is a winner with me and I love the luxurious feel of oil.

Lastly is this Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream from Aldi.  At £6.99 it's as much as I'm ever going to pay for a face cream but I'd read good things about this in a review.  On the shelf in the store a notice said customers were limited to four per purchase, similar to the launch of Boot's Protect & Perfect which flew off the shelves.
I haven't tried this yet so if anyone's interested I'll have to let you know my thoughts at a later date.

Do let me know in the comments what your best budget beauty buys are?

This is not a sponsored post.... as if!



  1. I've used the Lacura serum and quite like it, along with their regular Q10 moisturiser which comes complete with SPF15 AND is less than £2 a tube, loving their argan oil hand cream too - must be good as it's blimmin' hard to get hold of!!!

    Thanks for sharing - really might try the cleansing water


  2. Being no frills meself I use almost all Lacura. I love the Q10 in a tube and it just gets on with it.
    I also use Superdrugs own vitamin E range. That's not bad either.

  3. The bloke who owns KTC is my neighbour! Fancy that. I've only used his cooking oil.
    Like Em, I'm a sucker for Superdrug's Vitamin E stuff. I must try that Aldi stuff, your skin is lovely. xxx

  4. Hey, if it works for you go for it! You are looking great on it! xx

  5. Good tips! I'll look for the Lacura stuff when I'm back in the UK, although I'm pretty happy with L'Oreal Age Perfect Day Cream. For shampoo and conditioner I find that fewer chemicals makes my hair feel thicker and less static-y, so I look for natural products. However, I buy whatever hand lotion is cheapest, and that's the extent of my beauty secrets!

  6. We have an Aldi in town now I'll have to pop down.... I too use L'Oreal Age Perfect face cream usually.

    I have a stupid scalp (not the medical term for it!) so I have to be very careful what shampoos I use or I get blisters on my head :( Having very fine hair too makes it a nightmare to find anything that gives my hair oomph but doesn't make my scalp sore. Bah.

  7. You should be sponsored, love - your skin is gorgeous! Cheap and cheerful all the way, that's me - I think I might try that Micellar water for make-up removal. I haven't heard of Lacura (probably because I don't shop in Aldi) but the others who have recommended Superdrug products are quite right, they're great. xxx

  8. I've made a lot of mental notes during the reading of this post. I need all the help I can get so thanks for all these brilliant tips. We have an aldi just round the corner. I use the superdrug Vitamin E stuff after Vix recommended it, and I like the radiance it gives, but I'm definitely trying this lot out too. Now to find an Avon lady! Xxx

  9. Thanks for the recommendations, Fiona. I do like pampering on a budget :-) I'll especially look out for the Garnier Micellar water, sounds really good.

  10. Enjoyed this, Fiona. Definitely going to try the Aldi Serum and caviar cream, and the Avon shampoo. I'll let you know how I get on x

  11. I also use the Lacura Serum from Aldi and wish it was on the market years ago before the wrinkles got too prominent!! Anyway I but in bulk too when in the UK and take it back home to Cyprus.


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