Monday, 23 December 2013

A Perfect Great British Crafty Christmas

This year there have been more Christmas programmes than you can shake a stick at. First of all we had Sarah Beeny's Great British Christmas revealing how we've celebrated over the last two hundred years.  Next was Kirstie's this, that and the bloody other, repeated every day for the last three weeks showing us how we can have a truly crafty/kitsch/homemade Christmas. Then there was Alex Polizzi's Perfect Christmas.....yeah right!  She presented her great big fuck-off house decorated to the nines in a wonderfully traditional style. 

What!!!  You mean to say you don't have silver chargers gracing each place setting at your table???

I can't say I've been inspired by this constant barrage of Christmas craziness. Here is the sum total of decoration at my home this year - the foliage was pilfered from neighbouring gardens!

But I am looking forward to seeing friends and family, relaxing, eating, drinking and laughing.

  To all my readers and stalwart commenters, (you know who you are) your continued support is much appreciated. I thank you all and wish you a very merry Christmas.


  1. Whew! I thought I was the only one a bit sick of the whole decorating competitions. I did some decorating, but no tree this year. We are going to our son's house where he has a blow-up Christmas tree and Christmas stockings taped to the walls. And we are looking forward to eating Mexican food for Christmas. How NOT traditional can you get? Season Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I know, I know, I can't be arsed with the Xmas decorating this year but I do like your little Xmas foliage hommage. Have a fabulous time. xx

  3. I swear, if I switch on the TV once more to find a celebrity chef telling me how to cook a bloody roast dinner, I shall not be responsible for my actions ....!

    Seriously, have a lovely Christmas, Fiona, hope you haven't got too many shifts at work over the festive period x

  4. I wish you weren't so far away so we could be cantankerous together! I love your nod to Xmas and your Xmas card with the owl was an absolute beauty!
    I've successfully managed to avoid all TV with Xmas in the title, catching up with Lucan, The Great Train Robbery and Homeland. I'm planning a Bollywood fest for Xmas day!
    I'm looking forward to spending time with friends in the pub tonight and all day Boxing Day.
    See you on the other side! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. It's the celebrity chefs that get on my nerves. I have a tree up and a few other festive bits popped around the lounge!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year xxx

  6. I haven't seen any of that shite, I'm glad to say! The kids did the tree (badly, but it saved me a job so that's fine) and there are cards around the place and that's me done! Like you, I am looking forward to lots of food, booze, friends, family, and not stressing about anything having to be perfect! And your foliage is delightful (ooh err!)

    Have a lovely Christmas, Fiona, looking forward to our next meet up in 2014! xxxxx

  7. just spent a few days dashing round family in Ireland - home to utter chaos - honestly don't know where to start…though wrapping presents would be good!! SO looking forward to a plateful of smoked salmon washed down with fizz tonight! Hope you have a very merry Christmas Fiona, and time for a proper relax too xxx

  8. Hi Fi.
    Oh no good job you don't live with me!!!
    It's my Birthday Christmas Day, so it's always festive and manic here. To top the lot this year my Daughter and her gorgeous boyfriend of 7 years got engaged...What more could a 52/53 (not 53 yet tho', am hanging on!) want!! have a great time and ignore all the hype, I do, I do it all how I want it not how people want me too.

  9. I've given up on telly so I've not seen any of that. Lucky me! It all gets a bit much.
    I hope you're having a lovely relaxing day. xx

  10. thank you for the comment you left on my blog today. :)

    nice to meet you.

    love love love your new black party dress. so gorgeous and fits perfectly!!!

  11. I haven't seen any xmas programmes but I think I will have to find them on iplayer or somewhere as I'm a complete sucker for Kirstie and her perfect life haha!


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